How to Change the World

By Saiarchana Darira


Earth. We all live here. Yet we all view the planet in different ways. Some believe that this is a world filled with poverty, war, and bigotry, but others believe that this is a world that can be filled with light, love, and potential. It all depends on your perspective. There is bigotry, poverty, and war; there always has been. But you can be part of the light and love that is fighting the negative aspects of humankind.

How does one change a world that seems accustomed to its ways? It seems incredibly difficult, but it’s still possible. Only those who are willing to take the means to create change achieve it.

There are many ways to change the world, either by leaving a negative impact or a positive impact. This article will focus on leaving a positive impact. Right now, the world needs more positivity.

There is no set-in-stone way to catalyze change. This is only one method of the million ways.

Here is how to change the world.

Find your heart’s calling.

The first step to creating change is finding what exactly in this world you want to change. There are many problems that need to end. A few are poverty, war, global warming, human trafficking, and disease. There are countless things you can change, but instead on focusing on everything, it’s more effective to center your energy in one certain cause. How do you choose though? There are so many things that it’s incredibly hard to do. But it’s a choice that many make. Become more informed. Watch the news. Look at the problems of this world. Once you find the very thing that sets your soul on fire and gives your life purpose, you will know.


Gain confidence in yourself

Changing the world is a momentous quest for a person to embark on. The key to leaving a positive impact on this world is having faith in your capabilities. I know it seems hard at first, but you have everything you need to change the world: yourself. Some of the greatest souls of this world started from humble backgrounds yet did revolutionary things.


Use your voice

How did Mahatma Gandhi gain India its freedom? He did so by simply raising his voice, speaking to the masses, and not being afraid to reveal his true beliefs.  There is always someone who will listen. Trust me. Social media is a very powerful tool to share your ideas with the world. Speak to your friends, to a Starbucks barista, to your classmates, to anyone who you wish to speak to who might listen. A voice is a very powerful thing to have.  Use it.


Work hard now

Pay attention in class. Ask questions about ways to solve problems. Changing the world isn’t easy, so it’s better to start now. Research. Write. Speak. Debate. Prepare yourself for the world. Creating change takes time, but the universe awards dedicated people.


Start small

Write essays on what you’re passionate about. Volunteer. If you want to help people, help people. You can start small right now, and expand from that. For example, if your focus is on ending poverty, volunteer at a homeless shelter. From there, you can read books on poverty. Then in college you can study economics and business. And then one day, when you can afford it, you can create a foundation dedicated towards ending poverty. These things are a work in progress.


Have patience

Changing the world takes time. You have a whole life ahead to achieve your aspirations, so don’t worry about doing all of it right now.


If you want to change the world, change the world. Let no one tell you it’s impossible– you are capable of great things. Don’t be afraid to live a life that is different from the norm. You were given this one life, so you might as well live it in a way that you wish to. You have all the power within – to take the path unexplored by others, to discover breakthroughs, and to inspire humanity to change its current state of thinking. I believe in you! Change the world. The world needs you.