by Patricia Azevedo

We live among about 7.4 billion people. Most everyone is born and dies. There is a common trend among youths today to neglect these details in order to explain their problems beyond the realm of rationality. This problem is worrying because it causes students to stress about their problems as if they were the most important thing in the world. In reality, there is nothing you can mess up so badly that it will be important to anyone besides you. Your parents can say things, your perception can change, but any of that will only affect you should you let it.

We are one of billions of people who create the same stress for themselves. As each person creates more stress for themselves, each other person’s anxiety becomes more and more irrelevant. The general population tends to act as if they were the only person with problems, and therefore their problems are the most important. Even among those who acknowledge the problems of others, there are those who have decided that their problems are something they cannot overcome. What people neglect to realize is that their problems, for the most part, don’t matter. There is very little you can mess up so badly at this point in your lives where you would be messing with your prosperity and happiness later on.

Even should you do something to mess up severely enough you should have future ramifications, there is very little reason that should be the end of your happiness. Even should you not get into any college, should you not get any good position, you can always work a bunch of part time jobs with little qualifications and wait till you have the money to go where you wish yourself. While this is not necessarily an attractive route, people act as if they misstep once and will be hanging out in a box behind a gas station. Even if you end up in a box behind a gas station, not that being homeless isn’t unfortunate, there is a good chance you can live a life. Perhaps that life would not be as prosperous as you had hoped, but it is still a life to live.

Everyone will eventually grow old enough to die. Every second we sit worrying is a second we get closer to the end of worry and all other things. When you die your mortal being is erased as we know it to be. The only things that will matter after you die are those things you put forth to others. People are more likely to remember fondly the friend that took everyone out for food the once than the person who spent their life in a corner worrying about their grades.

We need to stop worrying so much. Our own being is not the most important thing in our lives, and if we can realize this we will lift huge weights off our shoulders. There is very little we can mess up badly enough that it should actually matter. We spend our lives walking on eggshells and ignoring the fact that our lives lay beneath our feet. We need to break the mold, and not be so scared of cracking a few eggs. Maybe then in turn, our less stressed students may actually accomplish more work.

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