What Does Denobis Mean?

By Kristen Kauffman

Today ends another three-week block here on campus at Tri-City College Prep High School. Student council is hanging crepe paper decorations and taping autumn leaves to maroon tablecloths. The door to the auditorium is open and I can hear the DJs playing the first fifteen seconds of any song. Mr. Beitz is shaking open a trash bag in the quad, and I can hear Ian Glow’s voice through Ms. Mezeske’s walls as he wraps up his last day teaching for us.

After teaching two sections of Freshmen First and two sections of College Readiness, only one of my student’s questions stays with me this afternoon: “Miss Kauffman, what does Denobis actually mean?”

I’ll admit that it took the advisor of that club a little too long to answer, but instead of telling him a dry definition, I said, “I’ll write an article about it.”

Denobis is latin (de nobis) and means, “About us.”

It means about us –about the students who are as we speak volunteering hours of their afternoon to decorate the quad for the student body to enjoy for the BBQ dance.

It means about us –about the teachers who love their jobs, and the administrators who love teaching so much they teach one class each.

It means about us –about a body of free-thinkers who can articulate math problems, scientific theories, poetry, history dates, and famous names, a group of kids who can play Beethoven and Mozart, who can sing and rap and keep rhythm and beats.

It means about us –about competitive sports men and women who stir fear in their opponents on the field or on the court, but who will be the first to lend a hand to help those opponents up off the ground.

It means about us –students who are learning French and Spanish, students who study with us from Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Italy.

It means about us –students who think a 3.5 is a low GPA, and students who have some of the highest testing scores in the area.

Denobis means “About us”, but we have some of the kindest and most unselfish staff around –staff who will do everything they can to help you.

I know this message sounds like an end of the year message, but really it’s a beginning of the year message. Let’s spend the next school year getting to know our peers and ourselves better. Let’s go to all of the sporting events and concerts we can.  Let’s spend an extra moment to say hi to someone on campus we may not know.

Here is something I’ve learned “about us” –it’s that Tri-City College Prep High School is a special and unique place, and that all of you dear people are what make it that way. Let’s have a great year.