Warcross Book Review

By Savannah Shah

I recently had the delight of purchasing and reading Warcross by Marie Lu. The book was amazing, and I was not disappointed with Marie Lu’s creative story. Lu is responsible for writing the Legend trilogy and the Young Elites trilogy, which are both amazing series that I highly recommend. Even if you’ve read Legend or the Young Elites, Warcross is a whole new story that has similarities to her other books but manages to be different in an amazing way.  She manages to bring a nice mix of action, romance, mystery, and suspense to all of her books; Warcross managed to deliver all of those perfectly.

The story centers around a girl named Emika Chen. The world that Emika lives in is the same as ours, except that virtual reality is real, and a lot better than the one we have. The virtual reality in the book immerses the play into the game by tricking the player’s brain into thinking that the fictional worlds are real, all using glasses in the real world. So many people love the NeuroLink, what the virtual reality is called, that a free game came with the glasses known as warcross. The game is much like capture the flag in that there are two teams that try to catch the other players object, in this case a jewel called an artifact.

After the NeuroLink hit the world by storm, teams made of the best players around the world were entered into the championships to see who the best warcross players really were. A giant event is held every year to see the teams play off against each other. That is when things got interesting because Emika accidently glitches herself into the kick-off of the championships. After the creator of the NeuroLink, Hideo Tanaka, learns that Emika is a bounty hunter, he urges her to come to Tokyo, the headquarters of the NeuroLink, immediately. From there, Emika goes undercover to find a security issue in the midst of the championships.

The way Warcross is written was absolutely wonderful. Not only was the story absolutely amazing, the writing also adds to the experience. There was no cursing in the book, but there were “romance” scenes which got a little mature, although these tend to be common in Lu’s books. Inside the warcross game, there are fantasy worlds that Lu describes perfectly, such as floating islands and giant robot fights. This book is a sci-fi fantasy that any young adult reader would enjoy.

At times, warcross seemed slow. Usually between the championship games or right after one. During the slow portions of the book, there was usually character development, which helps make up for the loss of action. On the other hand, the action scenes were absolutely amazing! Lu manages to make the action scenes come to life by not only focusing on the main character fighting, but bringing the world around them into play. It makes the Warcross world seem much more in depth.

The plot line was simple to follow, which made it a highly addictive read. As the book started to come to a close, Lu left the ending open for a second. One of the plot twists was slightly predictable, but still was a surprise when it was revealed. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention how big the main plot twist was! I did not see the major plot twist coming at all! Every reader is wondering how the next book will play out because of the major cliffhanger the book left off on. The book left a lot of things open, making the sequel a must read. The Warcross sequel doesn’t have a title or release date yet, but I’m sure one will be announced soon.

After all was said and done, Warcross turned out to be an absolutely amazing book! The highly addictive science fiction book was a wonderful read that I highly recommend! The slow parts were a disappointment, but the amazing story made up for it. Fans of Marie Lu’s Warcross are extremely excited for the sequel and cant wait. I highly recommend Warcross to any reader and hope they enjoy it as much as I did.