Freshman or FreshMeat?

By Ellie Cartier
High school, the place where young love blooms and you are up until four in the morning finishing that essay you forgot about. As a middle school student, I thought about what my life in high school would be like often. To me, it wasn’t gonna be the ‘high school musical everyone loves everyone’ kind of place my friends had envisioned. To be quite honest, I was dreading my four years here. My older cousins had more stories to count about the bad times they have had so far, and my mom told me all about the daily drama that took place. So, my expectations were not high.
First off, there was the matter of friends. I had a group of close friends come with me from BASIS, so I knew I wasn’t gonna be alone, but I didn’t want to only have those few people for the rest of my life. I was hoping to even talk to at least one new person within the first month. Much to my surprise, I had a whole new ‘squad’ before the three week period ended. I was so happy that other people liked me, and to make it better I was greatly encouraged by them to run for Student Council. I had no hope of even becoming an associate for the Council. Once again, I was thoroughly pleased to be an official member. Now, I could plan dances, do fundraisers, all this stuff that I love doing. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up every morning.
But high school isn’t just about the clubs and fun. To be completely honest, I was on the verge of tears when I thought of the classes. Being the overachiever I strive to be, I didn’t settle for French 1, I decided to take on French 2. If I didn’t have my best friend in that class, dear Lord I don’t know what I would do.  I had already taken history last year, so I thought it was gonna be the one easy class. Turns out, one can forget a lot during summer. English is where I struggled last year and excel at this year. It seems everything is being a bit switched. Like Biology was tough and I had to work for my A, but this year I could wing every quiz and test and do fine. It’s nice to have a few classes I’m good at, or else, with all my clubs, it would be a nightmare.
Speaking of clubs, that brings me to my next point. My old schools had never had many options for any of the students. So, when I saw this great big world of different clubs and sports, I wanted to get in on everything. So, I joined four clubs in the first week of my real freshman year. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t pick three very time-consuming clubs. Mock Trial is a lot of reading over the case and writing directs (when in a case, a lawyer asks their client questions about the charges), making sure you know all the facts and every objection in the book. Student Council is pretty self-explanatory. You help run a school. Now for Denobis, writing articles and short stories takes time when you want to put in the effort. It’s not something you can just do last minute, unless you want to look like an idiot in your writings. So, I question myself when I’m still doing homework late into the night because I procrastinated so much during the day. Especially since I’m the one who’s always reminding my friends to make sure they go to bed on time and get their homework done on time.
So, my vision of high school was full of me getting thrown into trash cans and bullied every other period. I’m ecstatic to say that all my fears have either disappeared or dimmed since I first came here. I’ve been able to understand myself more and have a high respect for who I am. I feel happier with being me. Waking up in the mornings is not a chore but like the beginning of a new story. And I cannot wait to continue turning the pages.