September 28th soccer game

By Ellie Cartier

It’s September 28th and the Tricity soccer players are going head to head with the team from Our Lady of Sorrows in Phoenix. Coach Mark Yadron is ready to work his boys hard and so far, it has paid off. Out of the six games they’ve played so far, only two have been lost. The last one against the Phoenix Academy School of Excellence was won by us with a score of 4-1.

Now they’re ready to fight for another win to add to their list. After a thirty-minute series of drills and warm-ups, the game was ready to start. The first quarter was owned by our guests and they scored three goals within the first period. But we were ready to return the favor. Jaden Kuhn (number twelve) and Weston Yadron (number seventeen) scored our first goal that was returned by loud cheers from the crowd. Our Lady of Sorrows was not happy about that and attacked full throttle but to no avail as our goalie, Sam Winters wasn’t ready to let anything by him.

Ten minutes left in the period and the score was still 3-1 to them. Our Panthers were fighting against them with everything they had. Our Lady of Sorrows did the same thing and at five minutes till, no goal had been scored for either school team.  Not until there were three minutes left did our guest team pull out another goal. Two minutes left and our coaches were gnawing on their nails. Our Lady of Sorrows took once last shot and was deflected by Winters once again, leaving the score to be 4-1 by the end of the first period.

When asked about how they felt about the first round, Mrs. Muchna and Mrs. Winters had some good answers for me.

“Both teams are playing really hard.” Mrs. Muchna said with a laugh. “Neither goalie wants to give anything up and both teams are ready to put up a strong fight against one another.”

“Our Lady of Sorrows has been playing us for years,” Mrs. Winters told me. The Phoenix school has a few religious rules against boys playing against girls in physical contact filled games, leaving the girls to sit and cheer on the sidelines. “With our female players gone, it is a bit of a shock to the boys. But I have faith that they’ll pull through. Some games start really fast, this one is in spurts right now.”

The second period started and it was back and forth between the schools until finally Jaden Kuhn and Jacob Kobold (number seven) worked together to rush in and score another goal. Spurred by the adrenaline from their victory, the boys were refreshed and ready to play harder.

Our team got a few free kicks and Griffin Underwood (number eleven) stepped up and was able to kick the ball over their heads and into the goal. We could all tell he was very excited to have turned the score to 4-3. It seemed the rest of his team felt his joyous vibe as well because even at fifteen minutes left, Our Lady of Sorrows hadn’t been able to score on them again. Everyone in the stands was holding their breath, praying to at least tie with the other school.

Ten minutes. The pressure was on for both teams. Our Lady of Sorrows had to maintain their lead and Tricity had to score at least one more goal.

Three minutes and everyone was praying like there was no tomorrow. In the last five seconds, our team gave one last shot at the goal and missed by a few inches. Unfortunately, it was a close game and Our Lady of Sorrows won with a score of 4-3. I talked to Mr. Bronson about the end result.

“It was a rough game, we lost by one. But they are a good team.” He told me. Our Lady of Sorrows is currently in fifth place while we are in ninth for the playoffs. “We forgot the little things; the three bad throws we had, even though we haven’t had a bad throw in all year so far. I believe if we had played as intensely in the first period as we did in the second, we would have won.”

To summarize this game, the panther played their hearts out and it was an exceptionally close fight and we wish our Panthers luck on their next game!