Coco Movie Review

By Savannah Shah

Everyone knows Pixar, the amazing studio responsible for amazing blockbuster films. In case you didn’t know, Pixar has made Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo, and countless others. Although they are kids movies, the recent ones often make the audience cry. For example: Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, and Up. Coco is no exception. The movie was absolutely amazing and was a big hit for Pixar. A lot of people said that they were going to skip out on Coco, but I have a word of advice for you: don’t. From the beautiful animation to the catchy songs, Coco will go down in Pixar history.

The first point to hit would be the animation. Pixar is really starting to push the boundaries of animation because Coco was visually stunning. The dark backgrounds were highlighted with bright colors, which gave an extremely pleasing effect. The detail was also amazing, for example, the skeletons who were closer to being forgotten had a lighter yellow color to them than those who were remembered, yet it wasn’t too much to be distracting. The characters themselves have come so far in animation since when Pixar first started. And the landscapes looked almost real as if they had stuck cartoon characters into the real world.

The next point to hit would be the characters. All the characters were extremely likable and had a lot of depth to them. The main character, Miguel, was likable in that he was more relatable than that of a Disney Princess. He was funny and an amazing lead for the movie. Miguel’s pet, Dante, was pulled off well because of the mixture of stupidity, yet knowing what was happening in the story led to a likable sidekick. The next big character was Hector. Hector was extremely likable because not only was he funny, but he had a lot of heart behind his character. Some of the characters who received less screen-time, but still played an important role, included Ernesto De La Cruz and Miguel’s dead family. A few of the characters, such as Miguel’s living family, were lumped together and didn’t have a lot of plot behind them.

The story centers around Miguel. His main goal in the movie is to play music, but his family forbids it because of what happened to great-great-grandpa. After his great-great-grandpa had left his great-great-grandma and their daughter, Coco, their family thought music was a curse. Miguel is different from his family because he likes music, specifically that of Ernesto De La Cruz who is a famous singer who had died and had learned how to play guitar. After figuring out who is great-great-grandfather was, he accidentally reveals that he loves music to his family, causing them to destroy his music merchandise. From there, Miguel gets his hands on a very famous guitar, and after strumming it transports himself to the land of the dead. To return to the land of the living, he must get a blessing from his family before he turns into a skeleton. There are a few complications that cause Miguel to join forces with Hector, a jokester who lives in the land of the dead. The plot was absolutely amazing, somewhat breaking the mold that Pixar uses so much.

Coco was Pixar’s first, somewhat, musical. The movie featured about five songs, all of which were pretty catchy. All the songs have a Mexican vibe to them because that is where the movie took place. One of the songs, Remember me, was used in three different ways. Each way gives another aspect to the story and the song itself. The songs were played at appropriate times instead of the characters just bursting out in music, which was a nice change from other Disney movies.

For those who cry during Disney movies, bring tissues. The movie was amazing but had a couple sad scenes, the last one is the saddest.

In the end, Coco was an amazing movie. The beautiful animation, heartbreaking story, and catchy songs made the movie unforgettable. I highly recommend to see Coco, Disney Pixar did wonderfully and I hope they keep up the trend. The next Pixar movies to come out are Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, so hopefully, they can make them as memorable as Coco. Before Coco heads out of theaters, I highly recommend to stop by and see it, and don’t forget the tissues!