The Boys’ Basketball Game on December 5th

By Ellie Cartier

The bleachers are packed. Everyone is refreshed from the previous girls’ basketball game loss. Hopes are high for this next match. The sound of shouts of encouragement fills the air, and everyone is on the edge of their seats.

Everyone is holding their breaths as the clock hits 4:59, and there are loud cheers as the game clock begins to count. There’s a lot of screaming, and the crowd is pumped. The ball is put into play, and the game begins. Within the first five minutes, Trinity snags two points from us, making the score 0-4. Our team doesn’t give up yet though. The chants, courtesy of Pep Club, are being shouted from all fans. Spencer, number twenty-two, earns a free throw and makes the shot, the score is now 1-4.

There are cheers and anxious chatter already swirling in the crowd.  Number two from Trinity attempts a free throw but it hits the rim and misses. Our team quickly steals the ball. Spencer races across the court and scores for us again, bringing the points to 3-4. The two teams start a head-to-head fight over which side of the court the ball is going to go. It’s like a ping-pong match, everyone watching back and forth. Luke from our team attempts to maneuver his way through and almost gets us a point, only to have the ball snatched from us by Trinity, and player 13 from their team scores. In very little time, the ball ends up back in Trinity’s hands, and 13 scores again, racking up points for his team, giving us the total of 3-8. Luke is having none of this and sprints his way to victory, not once, but twice, giving us four points.

Spencer seemed to feed off of this streak, as he too joins in and scores for us. The points are tallied up to 9-8. We’re in the lead and the crowd is feeling it, but that energy is taken away as player 2 from Trinity is able to gain four points for his team.

Connor, number one, is not okay with it. As the score is 12-9, he shoots and scores with Spencer following right behind him. The score is 13-12. We’re back in the lead, and everyone is excited. Everyone but number two because he scores again and takes away our lead. 13 does the same, and together they brought their points to 16.

It seems like the rush of the game is getting to everyone’s heads as 14 from Trinity somehow manages to hit the backboard from behind. They obviously need a break and they will get one soon. In the final minutes of the first half, Spencer and Connor both score with 13 from Trinity right behind them both. We end the half with a total of 17-19.

During the halftime, the crowd remains alert and ready to continue their support, and Ashton Burch is leading the chants loud and proud. The boys return, looking refreshed and ready to play once again.

Trinity starts us off with a two-point shot, thanks to a pass from number 2 to 13. 2 attempts a follow-up shot, but our Luke jumps out of basically nowhere and blocked it. Sadly, 2 earns a free throw and makes it twice. The score is 17-25 and our team is giving it everything they have. Iaasac, number 21, even slams into the wall in an attempt to get a shot. Gabe, 31, has got his back and scores a three-pointer for him. Trinity’s number 2 is back and shoots, earning a point before our Iaasac scores as well. The score is 26-29.

Ashton is back at it again, with chants of ‘Who’s gonna win? TRI-CITY!’ and ‘Who’s got better defense? IT’S TRI-CITY!’ Joining in with him are all the upperclassmen around him. Everyone’s hopes are still high.

13 from Trinity scores, spurring both Isaac and Connor to snag it and score themselves. Sadly, Trinity gets a foul and two free throws, scoring one of them. It’s 28-32. Spencer scores but Trinity gets another free throw and scores twice. 30-34, then 30-36 after 23 from Trinity shoots and scores again.

It’s the final countdown, and everyone is on the edge of their seats. Gabe gets a free throw and makes it, only to be outdone by 13 who scores two free throws, ending the game with a total of 31-38.


Although we lost, after talking with some boys from Trinity, they all agreed that we had improved greatly, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we hope to beat them in our next game.