The Dehumanization of Celebrities

By Molly West

Nowadays, everybody wants to be famous. With the help of the internet, it’s not that hard. Not only can someone gain fame quickly, but we have easy access to information about those people. If you’re not busy trying to get famous, you’re looking up to a celebrity. Some people are just casual followers, while others are diehard fans. This has become a normal part of our society. However, this does beg the question: do we treat celebrities with basic human decency?

Think about the last time you were at the grocery store. Chances are, there were magazines in the checkout aisle. Some of them may have been about things like food; however, the majority were most likely about celebrity drama. Magazines like People and Us Weekly expose the personal lives of celebrities-from their love affairs to where they shop. Not only that, but when an artist or actor goes on a talk show, they end up being asked personal questions when they’re there to promote a new album or movie. A celebrity’s life is no longer their own. We use their lives for our entertainment. People feed off of celebrity drama. If you’re famous enough, all of your affairs are being watched and talked about.

Fans are a different story. Some fans are respectful of a celebrity’s personal life and don’t pry. However, this is not always the case. Fans demand a lot from celebrities. They expect them to follow the orders of their fans, which includes meeting them in real life. Meet and greets are a great chance for people to meet, and it shows that celebrities do care about their fans. However, they don’t always go smoothly. There have been incidents of people being shoved, injured, crowded, and more at these meet and greets. Some fans put their own wants in front of the safety of other people, including their favorite celebrity. To them, the celebrity is there to please their own desires. A celebrity’s comfort is rarely considered by the public.

Not only that, but they are held to a high standard. Celebrities are expected to act a certain way. They are not allowed to have opinions or beliefs. They cannot show emotions other than happy and positive. If they go against the status quo, they are labeled as “trash” or “problematic” and thrown away.

Because of the way they are made out to be, many people forget to treat them with basic respect. Celebrities are not godlike; they are normal humans like us who got lucky. They feel the same emotions that we do, and have opinions like us. They should not be treated like dolls or characters who are there for your entertainment. By doing that, you are degrading them to less than human just because they are well known.

Is it okay to admire a celebrity? Yes. That is not an excuse to strip them down and dehumanize them, though. Before you talk to or about a celebrity, consider if you would want to be treated like that. If it would make you uncomfortable, then it would make them uncomfortable, too. Always keep this thought in the back of your mind when looking at media or propaganda: they are human, not perfect dolls; and they deserve to be treated as such.