When is Darkiplier’s Birthday?

By Molly West

The fandom life has consumed our youth, as I am sure many of you know. People fall in love with fictional characters from whatever it is that they like. One thing that has become a tradition of fandoms is to celebrate the birthday of a character. People make art of the character, and some people even make the character something like a cake. Obviously, the character cannot eat the cake, but there is emotional symbolism behind it. A character’s birthday is treated like a friend or family member’s birthday. It’s marked on the calendar, celebrated with festivities.
A lot of characters are given an official birthday as they are developed. It is often a randomly picked date that has little significance. However, it is an issue when you cannot establish the character’s birthday to begin with.
For fans of Youtubers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, the game is different. The characters do not have a randomly chosen birthday, rather their birthday is decided based off of the date the character was first in a video. For example, Jacksepticeye’s character, Chase Brody, was first in a video on April 11th, 2017. Therefore, that is his birthday. Typically, all you have to do is trace back to the first video, and then find the date it was uploaded. That is what tends to be the birthday that the fandom agrees on.
With one of Markiplier’s characters, though, it isn’t that simple. Darkiplier, as you can guess by his name, is meant to be the polar opposite of Markiplier. The first time we ever got a glimpse of Darkiplier in a video was June 19th, 2012, in a video titled “Don’t blink.” It is a 17-second video that is meant to be ominous and eerie. Some people considered this to be Dark’s birthday.
However, the Dark showed in “Don’t blink” is not considered by all to be the “canon Darkiplier.” The first time we got a glimpse at the canon character was February 14th, 2017, in “A Date With Markiplier.” In this interactive adventure, there is a route you can go down where you meet Dark. This is considered to be the canon character. Since ADWM was the first time we saw him, some people say this is his birthday.
There is one more option, however. If you frequent Denobis, you will remember a review I wrote for a video series known as “Who Killed Markiplier?” At the end of this series, we watched the creation of Darkiplier, as in how he was made. To summarize, he is a fusion of two individuals known as Damien and Celine and uses Mark’s body to get revenge on Mark for hurting the two. The video in which this happened was uploaded on October 13th, 2017. This is another date that people debate is Darkiplier’s birthday.
What is his real birthday, though? June 19th, February 14th, or October 13th? The most popular argument is that it is October 13th. This is the date that he was created, thus it is the most plausible for a birthdate. The problem with February 14th is that while that was the first day we met him, he existed in the timeline before then. However, some people still believe it is this day, based off the logic explained earlier where the first video uploaded equals the birthday. This means that you could also use the same logic for June 19th, however.
If all of this is too confusing for you, that’s okay. You can simply consider all of these dates to be his birthday, which would mean he has three birthdays. Is it plausible? No, it’s not really. Is it lucky for him? You bet.