Makeup Level: 0

By Ellie Cartier

(Author’s Note: Please do not throw me in the trashcan during lunch for this. I can not go back there.)

Makeup is an art tool, one that can make anyone beautiful if used correctly. As my first year of high school is slowly coming to an end, I have decided to do a review on the makeup skill level of each class.


We come to school just hoping that we can find a group to fit in with and hang out with during lunch. So, that means usually we put our best foot forward as often as we can, and we try to look our best all the time. I have noticed freshmen girls wear the most makeup of all the classes.

Now, most of the time they are new to ‘full face glam’, thus resulting in: smeared lipstick, clumped mascara, and uneven eyeliner. Do not even get me started on the highlighter and unblended eyeshadow. I do have to say though, some girls are actually pretty good at makeup and rock the cute looks, but others are at the very best iffy. Some like the more natural look, while others look like YouTube tutorials gone bad.


Sophomore girls are some of the strangest people I have met, but all in all they have the best beauty tips and looks. I’ve noticed most stick with mascara, maybe eyeliner, and maybe some foundation. They also have the best eyebrows, in my opinion (please show me how I live for great eyebrows), and they rock the lowkey don’t care attire.

At dances, such as the formal, they all looked gorgeous and were slaying at the photo booth. Some went all out and were able to look perfect for the most part, only one or two unblended eyeshadows and such. If there was the best makeup award, in my opinion, it should go to them.


I feel like juniors are dead inside but at the same time still trying to survive. So, there’s a bit of a mix when it comes to makeup for them. Most of them wear little to none, few going all out. None of these girls need makeup, just like everyone else. So, they still all are rocking it, but there’s been times where I’ve seen the brush in action. They do truly know their stuff. Best eyeliner award all to the juniors. Please teach me your eyeliner ways.

I think the whole ‘you get better through years of experience’ thing is true. They aren’t perfect, but these girls look great.



These poor souls are either ready for life outside the highschool or not. There is no in-between. Most of them are dead inside, and literally roll out of bed and grab something to wear before leaving.

But for the few who do spice up their faces, I’ve seen good results. Not much in the complaint box for them. Mostly because the senior girls I know don’t wear makeup daily and don’t need it either. But prom is just around the corner, so I’m sure I’ll get to see the lipstick and rouge pretty soon. If it’s anything like the Juniors or Senior girls who do wear makeup, it’s gonna look great.