Coffee vs Tea

By Allison Miller

Many parents nowadays have made attempts to get their children off of the coffee kick that many chain restaurants have presented. With this infatuation over the caffeinated drink that has become common, many debates have been brought up on whether or not it is a good thing. Differing opinions have arisen on the matter -as they often do when a source of conflict is present- on whether there is a better option than coffee for society in today’s world: namely tea. But in reality, is one better than the other? Is there even a difference between the two besides how they’re made and how they taste? Of course, after thinking about both sides, there are pros and cons to both tea and coffee.

Pros of Drinking Coffee:

  • “It’s delicious!”
    • Many of the people who drink coffee simply enjoy how it tastes and don’t choose to have it over tea for any other reason, though they receive many of the benefits without trying to get them.
  • Coffee can give people energy boosts, assuming it isn’t decaf.
    • Other people drink coffee because it wakes them up in the morning.
  • Drinking coffee actually has many health benefits.
    • Coffee drinking has shown to protect against type two diabetes, Parkinsons’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and also promotes a healthy heart.

Pros of Drinking Tea:

  • Tea also tastes amazing.
    • If one side can argue their tastes, the other will as well. Tea also provides an amazing benefit for those that prefer it.
  • Tea has many flavors.
    • Though coffee can be made into many different drinks, the drinker can almost always taste the same coffee taste behind whatever amount of sugar and cream is masking it. With tea, however, there are many different flavors that taste extremely different without adding insane amounts of other things to the drink.
  • Tea is healthier for you.
    • Though coffee has many health benefits, on its surface level tea is healthier for the body, especially if cream and sugar have been added to coffee. Tea can also help boost endurance, give the body antioxidants, and can help reduce the risk of heart attack.

Cons of Both Tea and Coffee:

  • Both contain caffeine.
    • If parents are looking to get their children away from caffeine, they should be informed that many teas contain just as much caffeine as coffee does. Assuming that is their main argument against coffee, they should also consider that there is decaffeinated coffee they could drink instead of normal coffee.
  • Both are commonly made with unhealthy things added to them.
    • Parents who are wanting to choose which drink is better for their kids based on how healthy it is need to realize that coffee often has things like cream and sugar. A large number of people who do choose to drink tea rather than coffee, might add things like milk and honey – if not just straight sugar- to their tea. Not to mention the teas that many people prefer to drink as lattes instead.
  • Drinking too much of either thing can be bad for you.
    • Everyone knows that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. In fact, drinking too much of certain types of tea can increase chances of rheumatoid arthritis in women. Drinking too much coffee can leave a person shaking and on edge for a whole day due to the excess caffeine. Too much caffeine – regardless of whether the source is tea or coffee- can increase blood pressure, as well as disorient and confuse the drinker.

In the end, neither coffee nor tea is truly better than the other, though many people will argue one over the opposite. Either coffee or tea can be good or bad compared with different aspects of how they help or hurt the human body. It generally depends on how much of either drink is consumed to say whether or not it is truly good for a person. Parents may be against their children drinking coffee every day due to the high calorie or sugar amounts, but they should realize the benefits of coffee by itself as well. People who only believe that tea is good for people should take the time to realize that tea doesn’t only have good effects on health, while also seeing that coffee has benefits as well. Whether you are a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or an admirer of both, you should learn not only the benefits of something but also its disadvantages before really making a decision and spreading your opinion.