The Tri-City Bonfire

By Allison Miller

Last week on the first of March, Tri-City Prep held a school-wide bonfire from six to nine o’clock at night. They provided the materials for s’mores for kids to make along with drinks, and there was music as well as other forms of entertainment for the everyone there, not just the students and their friends, but the staff as well.

Students not only administrated the entrance and payment of people into the bonfire, they also helped set up and give out all the food that was there. They helped keep marshmallows speared and ready to roast. When people managed to stay close enough to the fire to get their marshmallows toasted just perfectly, the students helped to keep a steady supply of chocolate pieces and graham crackers for everyone to use in their s’more building adventures. They also served what was supposed to be apple cider, but most of those who drank it questioned what it really was. From theories of watered-down hot chocolate to liquefied spiced applesauce, the servers decided to resort to saying it was just “chocolate cider” after a long night of confusion. However, regardless of how it tasted, the warm drink was appreciated by those who didn’t want to stand directly by the fire in the cold night.

The next amazing thing that happened that night had to do with the fact that some of the most science-inclined students brought several different bottles of chemicals which they tossed into the fire, changing it to stunning shades of greens and blues rather than just orange, red, and yellow. The first time this drastic color change occurred, it seized the attention of all the students and staff present. One enormous breath of surprise was shared between everyone present.

The firefighters that started and supervised the bonfire were amazing to put it simply. They brought a few protective suits for those who wanted to roast marshmallows but who couldn’t stand the heat could use. They helped many different students and their friends in and out of the suits throughout the night, clearly knowing the heat of the bonfire would keep many of them from roasting their marshmallows and prevent them from having a perfect smore.

The music throughout the night significantly shifted from the first half of the bonfire to the second half. The two individuals who were controlling the playlists of the night both did a great job catering to many different music tastes. The first half of the fire, they played many different tracks that are on the radio as today’s hits, mostly comprised of popular rap and pop songs. Later in the night, however, they began to play songs that most of the student’s parents enjoyed listening to in the last century. They played not only Demi Lovato and other popular modern singers but also Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and Africa by Toto. Needless to say, everyone there enjoyed at least a few songs.

Everyone there that night had an amazing time together. There is something very special about sitting with your friends on a bench around a blazing fire watching the sky turn shades of dark blue, turquoise, fiery red and orange, and deep purple as the sun falls away behind Granite Mountain on the horizon. Hosting this bonfire really brought a lot of people who would normally never be around each other together to enjoy the same event. This bonfire was an amazing opportunity for students and teachers to be in each other’s company in a very unique setting, unlike a dance where no one can hear each other over the music, or in class, where everyone is meant to be learning and not just hanging out and having fun with each other. Especially since so many people came out to see the bonfire, it is very important that everyone appreciates all the work that went into setting it up and running by the students and thank the staff who supervised as well as everyone who brought in marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make the s’mores out of.

All in all, the school bonfire that Tri-City Prep put on was a fantastic experience for anyone who wanted to be with friends, or even just loved watching the hypnotizing patterns of a burning fire. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!