Spirit Week At Tricity Prep!

By Allison Miller

This week (Monday March 19th to Thursday the 22nd) is spirit week here at Tri-City Prep! The week has only just begun, and already everyone can see the enthusiasm of the school to participate in this week’s activities.  The schedule for this week is full of fun, with Pajama Day on Monday, Tacky Tourist Day on Tuesday, Vans vs. Converse Day on Wednesday, and Color Day on Thursday.

Pajama Day was entertaining -to say the least- even for those who wore their normal day clothes to class. Teachers and students alike showed off their support for the school with their robes and comfortable pants. With spring break having been the week before this, many students forgot that it even was Pajama Day, though other students simply would rather not participate. Nevertheless, those who did remember could be seen lounging on the grass at lunch in onesies and slippers, while some teachers went all out and arrived at school with curlers in their hair and slippers. Even with some members of the school disregarding the spirit day, there was still an impressive turnout.

On Tuesday, even more school-goers participated in Tacky Tourist Day. Since many people find it much easier to throw on a Hawaiian shirt over regular clothes rather than risking having their pajamas judged by friends and other students, it’s much easier to pick out those who didn’t participate than to pick out those who did. Though flowered-shirts seem to be the most popular choice of the day, there are others who are sporting the generic “I Heart NY!” shirts, sweaters, and ball caps. Other students are dressed in khaki shorts and sun-hats. There was even one student wearing a poncho and a sombrero.

Wednesday will showcase the rivalry between the Tri-City inhabitants who prefer Vans and those who prefer Converse. Since it is a choice between footwear and not complete outfits, it is extremely likely that even more participants will be seen throughout the day. Some students who are in the middle of the Vans vs Converse debate have expressed that they may even wear one Converse shoe and one Vans shoe.

Thursday will be Color Day, with each level of the school representing their group by wearing different colors, with the faculty wearing maroon, freshman wearing red, sophomores wearing green, juniors wearing blue, and the seniors wearing black. Everyone is hoping that the school will be full of colors and that maybe at lunch the faculty will see tables full of all colors of clothes, friends regardless of grade.

This whole week will eventually come to a close when Thursday night after all the week’s festivities have ended and the school day is all over, there will a Color Dance held at the school. After a long day of wearing one color, the students will all be able to show up to the dance in either all white to glow under black lights or in neon so that the dance will be full of flashing lights and bright colors, all moving around as the students and supervisors dance to the music.

Overall, spirit week has already been amazing and a huge success. Everyone has been enjoying the outfits they’ve seen just in the past two days, and they are all excited to see the costumes to come. Only two days of the week have gone by and everyone is certain that the next two days are expected to have even more participation in Vans vs. Converse Day and Color Day. It is going to be very interesting to see all the pictures the office has taken of students and teacher’s costumes throughout the week in the yearbook.

Even though many people forgot it was spirit week on Monday, this week has been a great way to ease everyone -not just the students- back into the last segment of the school year after the week-long rest of spring break. Seeing everyone support the school through their goofy costumes and through having fun with all the different looks people are sporting is refreshing. It isn’t every day you see students who have so much fun with their peers and teachers the way that the member of Tri-City Prep do. Spirit week has been amazing for everyone.