National Day of Encouragement

By: Sedona Ortega

–Prescott, AZ

September 12th, 2018 was National Day of Encouragement! At Tri-City Prep High School, three freshmen, two of which were Jacey Allen and Olivia Sleeth, took it upon themselves to write encouraging messages to place in the locker’s of as many students as they could. The girls’ bathroom mirror was even covered from top to bottom with some of these special notes.

Positivity and the act of encouraging others is a key component in the success of a community. Olivia was listening to the radio and heard about National Day of Encouragement. People all across the nation were celebrating this “holiday” in different ways. Acts of love and positivity have a ripple effect. When one person does something especially nice or kind to another, many people are empowered to pay it forward in other ways to even more people. Olivia and Jacey wanted to see if simply giving encouragement to others would do something similar or at least have an impact on the students and brighten up people’s days. So they decided to do something for students at Tri-City Prep to hopefully encourage people and spread positivity.

Jacey mentioned, “When I was starting junior high, all the upperclassmen took it upon themselves to welcome me and the rest of my grade and put little notes inside our desks. I wanted to do something similar and make all the students feel encouraged for the rest of the day.” This was a wonderful act of selflessness and very kind of all of them to take extra time out of their days to do something so generous and encouraging for others.

I walked by these three before school started on Wednesday and saw them with a table covered in index cards. I asked them what they were doing and they said that they were writing notes to people to put in their lockers to spread positivity. I was very impressed with how much work they put into encouraging other people, even people that they hadn’t even met yet. They got to school at 7:30 am and spent time all the way up until the beginning of second period writing their messages. They wrote many different types of notes on index cards and stuck them in people’s lockers. Some of these phrases included, “Be yourself!”, “Smile!”, and “You are capable of amazing things!”

The girls both saw one particular student open his locker, and read the note they had written. He smiled and put the note into his pocket. Elaina Pagliasotti said, “It was surprising to find that note in my locker, and I was confused as to why someone would put it in my locker, but it was really nice and made me happy every time I saw it. Thank you to the people who wrote all these notes!” This really was a very kind thing to do and hopefully brightened up the days of the students who got these notes in their lockers! “Students seemed happier after finding the notes,” Olivia Sleeth said. “You never know when someone might need encouragement.”