TCP Students Help Setup Healing Fields For 9/11

by Autumn Kutsick

Early in the morning on September 7, 2018, six Tri-City Prep kids went out to Prescott Valley Civic Center to help put up the flags that represent the lives lost on September 11, 2001. These students helped put up flags, add name tags, and put boots under the flags of first responders. Each pair of boots must face the East. Tri-City Prep’s students Wyatt Dougherty, Autumn Kutsick, Jenessa Judy, Phoenix King, Madelyne Hohrein, and Ellie Cartier helped for a few hours helping set up this memorial for all those lost.

September 11th was a tragic event that took so many innocents lives. The healing fields was a way to honor those lost with a flag for each person that passed and tag to go with it. Tri-City kids even had a short moment for respect on September 11th where they raised a flag with all the names of the victims on it. Wyatt Dougherty helped raise this flag while Ellie, Autumn, Phoenix, and Madelyne stood around it. The TCP students said the pledge of allegiance, had a moment of silence, sang the National Anthem, and Madelyne and Jenessa gave facts about this tragic day.

healing fields 2.png

The following Friday afternoon, all 3,000 of these flags had to be rolled bagged and put away and three Tri-City kids returned to help clean up. Wyatt, Autumn, and Madelyne were at the Civic Center to help take down at 8 o’ clock sharp. Lots of the people from the community were there to help and everyone formed teams working to get the hard work done. Every flag had to be taken down and wrapped up, then made into bundles of ten. The rebar needed to be stacked, bins of boots filled, and trucks loaded.

After a long day, the field was put away until next year, and three Tri-City students learned important lessons on how to serve and work together to get the job done. These students worked hard for something they hoped would give back to those heroes and let them know that they are forever remembered.

Ellie says, “The healing fields is a great way for people to see the impact that 9/11 had. It also helps those who lost loved ones in the attack by reminding them that their death was not in vain.”

Jenessa Judy said, “Working at the Healing Fields in Prescott Valley is really an honor. Being able to work hard and sweat all morning to see those beautiful flags waving on the field makes it all worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever realized the true impact of what happened that day until I was able to walk through the field this year and think of the fact that each flag represents an actual person who had potential and so much to do with their lives! I’m so glad I get to participate in these events because it gives me an even deeper connection with the people who lost their lives that day.”

I am so glad I got to work at this event and to share it, it was truly a humbling experience. I am glad we got to help the families of these fallen Americans and show they will never be forgotten.

healing fields 3