Sophomore Class Limo Fundraiser

By Allison Miller

Each of Tri-City College Prep’s classes raises money to support their senior trip and the prom of the class before them. How to do this? The student council members, vice president, and president of that specific class all work together to put on fundraisers throughout the year. Currently, the council is holding a raffle for a limousine ride, flowers, and a dinner to the winner. There will be three prizes. The first will include the limo ride, the flowers, and the dinner. The second place winner will receive the dinner, and third place will receive just the flowers.

The fundraising began at the school-wide pep assembly on the twelfth of September with the announcement for the fundraiser itself. Ticket sales continued on Back to School Night on the Thursday the next night, where all the clubs and teachers were showcasing each of their own classes and clubs, with some of the clubs selling small items to help in their own fundraising.

The sophomore class will be continuing to sell tickets throughout the next few weeks starting on November 5th and ending on the 16th. The winners will be drawn on the 20th and announced most likely at the pep assembly after that.

Winter Formal is on November 13th and is being held in the ballroom of the Saint Michael’s hotel downtown on the corner of Gurley Street and Montezuma Street. On the thirtieth, the limo will pick up the winner and three people whom they choose to accompany him or her. The driver will pick them from dinner and drive them around for up to two hours, stopping at a lakeside or somewhere else to take pictures for the winter formal. After they have taken pictures and driven around, the limo driver will bring them to the Saint Michael’s Hotel for the dance, which starts around seven, though they could be dropped off a bit later around seven thirty if that is what they all decide on.

A big thank you is owed to the limousine company, Prescott Valley Limousine Company. They were kind enough to give the sophomore class much more time than they asked for and expected. Their services can be found in Prescott Valley on North Loos Court, their phone number is (928) 910-0058, and their website is

The council as a whole, not just specific classes, is very appreciative to everyone who has helped their specific fundraisers and provided drinks and snack food for dances they have put on. The class is thankful to everyone in the council as well who help out with planning fundraisers and bring food to the teacher lunch-ins, which they usually put on about three times a year, as well as the occasional bake sales that are stocked by the council and other members.

Thank you to everyone who also supports the classes by participating in running and purchasing things from bake sales and other fundraisers that they put on for the purpose of giving their class a better junior and senior year.