Dog Hair? Why not?

by Jadyn Miller

Have you ever heard of someone wearing a wool sweater? Probably. What about alpaca fur scarf? Most likely. But, have you ever heard of someone wearing something made of dog hair? If you are like most people, you probably haven’t. But did you know that dog hair is in many ways, better than them?

There are some things that make wool difficult, like how it shrinks and stretches, or how it can get quite itchy. Using dog hair can help with this. Dog hair even has some other benefits special to it.

Everyone who has a dog knows that they shed, a lot. This extra hair will get on everything, including you. If you use this extra hair to make yarn, you can finally do something with it instead of just letting it pile up!

If your dog has long fur, you can make it into yarn on its own. If the dog has short hair, you might want to think about blending the hair with another type of fiber. This can be used to help lower costs on a project that you are doing from scratch, as well. Depending on the color of the dog’s fur, you can also make many unique color combinations.

The yarn has so many diverse things that you can do to it in the making, that you could use it and never have to worry about trying to find the right yarn for the job. You can make your yarn bulky or thin, depending on how you want it. Depending on how you make the yarn, you can use the yarn for a variety of projects.

Dog hair is also better because of its warmth. It can be up to eight times warmer than wool, making it perfect to make things like mittens or socks out of. Dog hair is hollow which actually helps with insulation, making it warmer. When knitted, it also has what is called a halo. The halo is a name given to the fuzz that comes off of it, which helps contribute to the warmth and the beauty of it. In the picture below you can see the halo on the scarf.

dog yarn

There are many advantages to making your own yarn out of dog fur. If you pay someone else to make the yarn, it can be quite expensive. While other fibers like wool are about two dollars per ounce, dog hair can be up to twelve dollars per ounce. This may be expensive, but also means that you could make it and sell it for quite a bit as well.

The use of dog fur in this way is not new. It has been done by the Inuit people for thousands of years. This way of using dog fur also has a special name, chiengora, with “Chien” meaning dog in French.

Although it may surprise most people at first, the use of dog hair in things like yarn is neither new or gross. It is an ancient practice that if done properly will give a beautiful, warm, and soft result.

If you wish to learn more about how you can learn to make your own yarn out of your dog’s fur, go to the following website: