Thanksgiving Traditions

By Cristin Maldarella

Thanksgiving is almost here! Have you ever wondered about the different traditions associated with Thanksgiving? Most people have heard the tale of the pilgrims, which is where the holiday Thanksgiving began. But, what traditions to people hold to and where did they begin?

The main tradition that people all around the globe celebrate is feasting. Family and friends will gather around a table for dinner to have the largest meal of the year. People will eat turkey, potatoes, bread, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and many more foods. All of these foods are generally traditional Thanksgiving foods. This tradition began with the famous meal which the pilgrims shared with the Native Americans when the Americas were first discovered and settled.

Another common tradition that people do around Thanksgiving time is traveling. For many people, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends and showing gratitude for everyone and everything in a person’s life. Traveling to see family became a tradition for those causes.

Many people also take time on Thanksgiving for remembrance of someone. If a family member or friend passed away, Thanksgiving is a day to remember them. It is a day to think of why that person was important and remember not to take people for granted. People will spend time thinking about that person and showing gratitude for that person.

People also frequently raise a toast at the Thanksgiving dinner table. They will toast anything that they are grateful for.

Another common practice at Thanksgiving is eating dinner in the early afternoon. This signifies a more relaxed day because Thanksgiving is a day for relaxation and gratitude. Another reason for eating the dinner early is historical. Dinner used to be considered the main meal of the day and was frequently served around one or two in the afternoon. Another reason for an early dinner is simply keeping the tradition.

Watching the game is another famous tradition. Football season is around the same time as Thanksgiving, so what better way to relax than watching the game? People enjoy sitting on the couch with their family members around and enjoying sports.

One other tradition that many people do every year is the breaking of the turkey’s wishbone. In this tradition, two people will each take one end of the wishbone and make a wish. They will pull on the bone and whoever is holding the larger part of the bone will receive their wish.

There so many different traditions celebrated on Thanksgiving. People enjoy these traditions and this day because it helps them to reconnect and be thankful for everything. The whole point of Thanksgiving is to reconnect. The holiday originated with the Pilgrims, but it has continued on and is still an extremely recognized and celebrated holiday. People will express their gratitude for everything in their lives. It is a day meant to be free from worry. It is a day where people will eat and enjoy the company of their family and friends. Thanksgiving is a day to remember to stop taking things for granted, especially loved ones.