Dear Abby Introduction

By Kaylee Malin

Do you need a safe space to get things off of your chest? Do you need some advice on a situation that you can’t seem to figure out? Are you in a sticky situation that you and just don’t know how to handle? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your very own Tri-City Prep Denobis team has you covered. TCP’s Denobis team is introducing a new anonymous advice column, Dear Abby.

What if I say something that I don’t want getting out, but I really need advice on? No worries, our column is completely anonymous. Dear Abby is also not only one of our own peers from Tri-City but has the support of our entire Denobis team. If you are feeling in need of some support from an outside source, Dear Abby has your back.

What if I want my letters to Dear Abby to be kept private?

She has your back! There’s nothing peskier than people coming up to you and assuming you were the one that needed some help. Your letters to Dear Abby will be kept private unless specified otherwise, or if you give Dear Abby permission to put the letter in our newspaper column.

How do I write to Dear Abby?

Dear Abby is run by team members in Tri-City Prep’s Denobis team. In order to get one of your letters to Dear Abby, all you have to do is put one in the mailbox in front of Miss Kauffman’s classroom, but make sure it is anonymous.

Who all will be able to see my letters to Dear Abby?

The first tier that your letter will go through is our student members that run Dear Abby in Denobis. If all is well with the letters, Abby will address it, and the responses will be published. However, if the letter is seen as in need of further discussion, it can be taken to Miss Kauffman and or Mrs. Milliken and Mr. Marman. At Denobis, it is our goal that this column is not only helpful and therapeutic, but is also fun, inviting, and can offer a safe space for our students.

How will I hear back from Abby?

Since Dear Abby will be included as a column in our school’s newspaper, Abby’s responses to your letters will be found there. Remember to leave a pseudo name that pertains to your letter so we can write back directly to you.


I am Abby and I want this column to be a safe and inviting place for you to get advice about your problems and any issues you have in life. A little bit about me: I am a student at Tri-City Prep, and I am in Denobis. There are a few people going through the replied letter, but only one person will read your actual letter if everything goes swell. I will reply to all of these as I am sitting on my bedroom floor with my two hairless cats by my side. I enjoy long walks on the beach in my knitted Christmas sweater. Every day, I wear Birkenstocks with my camo socks. They are the only thing I love. I also love collecting empty pickle jars, I only do it for the smell. I keep cat hair, that I collect when my cats have play dates with other cats, in my pickle jars.


Abby TM