Deep Thinking

by Amaya Fields

Have you ever taken the time to just stop and think? Our brains are running at high speeds but do we ever just pause. Do we ever stop to smell the roses? Today’s world all we do is move and move without a break. Without taking a step back and reflecting on our lives and our surroundings. But wait…is water wet? Why do we dream? When we dream are we really awake and when we’re awake are we really asleep dreaming? Now that I have captured your attention, let’s dive in.

By thinking deeper, you will have a better understanding of what’s around you instead of just going with what you are told. It is said that people lose their train of thought within 10 seconds.  The deeper you think the faster your brain is working. Deep thinking usually requires patience and time which allows you to take a step back and breathe. Which in the long run can improve how you think and go about your day. The more you think about something and the more you know about it then the more useful it is to you in the future. “The more you exercise and challenge your mind, the deeper your understanding can be”(Thomas Oppong).

The topics you think about don’t have to be “what is the meaning of life”. You can think of silly deep questions as well. For example “are we just one world within many smaller/bigger worlds?”  “Why is it that we judge ourselves by what we intend on doing but judge others by their actions?” “Why are SpongeBob’s parents round like sea sponges but he’s square like a kitchen sponge?” “Why is it when someone yells “duck” they are helping you, but when they yell “chicken” they are insulting you?”

Sometimes when I’m all by myself I will take a moment to stop and think. To reflect on my life and what’s around me. I sometimes wonder what is out there. If we live in a bigger world and we are just a small piece of one big puzzle. I wonder if our individual lives matter as much as we think or are all of us put together just one in a million other lives and species we don’t even know about. “Is water wet?” I believe water is not wet but makes the objects it touch wet. Why are we here today alive on this planet? I wonder if I am in my very own “Truman Show” and if the people around me are just acting. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein.

Why is it that these things can make us think so hard? They make us stop and our brains run fast. Why do these type of things stump us and leave us questioning? “Thinking deeply enriches your life and encourages deeper living. To think deeply means to think beyond beliefs, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions. It means to shed off false convictions so that the truth can unfold”.(Steve Mueller).  These type of questions make us think beyond what we thought our limit was. They allow us to be more in touch with our brains and our feelings. They stump us because in everyday life we are not always faced with these type of questions or situations that make us think hard. Thinking deep is good for you and allows you to break out of your shell and see things in a new way. Next time you are just sitting there think about one of these questions I listed or think of one of your very own. Think long and hard and let yourself break through the barrier of shallow thinking.