Dear Evan Hansen Book Review

by Alex Mintz

Ever since the first Broadway musicals, they have been very well known all over the world. The catchy songs, the plot, the characters, and the message is what makes the musicals so popular all around the world. A great way to show this is by books. In the novel, Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich is a good example of this.

Dear Evan Hansen is about the hardship of lies and loss. Evan, the main character, goes through high school as a student who feels that he belongs nowhere before he accidentally runs into Connor Murphy, who finds his letter that was never was supposed to be seen by others. After the loss of Connor Murphy, his family wants to know more from Evan, Connor’s friend. Evan finally has a chance to belong, yet he must deal with the consequences that come.

In the book, we get more detail of the plot compared to the musical. For example, you get to see both Evan and Connor’s viewpoint. We are also given more in-depth of the thoughts of Evan as all this happens and the past of Connor Murphy. As we read more about the incident, there are so many relatable parts of the story that can really hit home for some people who can struggle with fitting in or struggling to speak up. The words that were used to describe Evan’s feelings about the situations that occur.

Going back the how relatable this book is, Dear Evan Hansen’s story shows more than just the basic plot. This shows how most people feel when they want to belong somewhere, but they are too afraid to say anything. They are too afraid of how others will react if we talk to them. Evan can relate to us as students who feel alone and want a place to belong.

We don’t have to feel like this though. We can all help an “Evan” or “Connor” and make them feel like they belong. There are many people who are alone, and they need friends. Everyone in the world could help someone waving through a window. We could all help a person who is in the darkness and help them feel found. When Evan creates the Connor Project, he made so many people feel belonged and happy about the message that Evan is trying to send. That message is that everybody matters in this world and no one deserves to be alone.

Dear Evan Hansen was a very touching book and a really good book. What makes the book good isn’t just because it is a musical made into a book but of the descriptions of how each character feels as all this takes place. It made me speechless on how beautifully made this book was. If I recommended a book, this would probably be the one.