Why Knitting is Good for You

by Cristin Maldarella


Good news! Knitting is not exclusively for old ladies. Yes, knitting is stereotyped as a habit many old people have, but did you know that knitting is actually good for your mental health? So, ignore the stereotype, and start knitting!

“What are the benefits of knitting?” you may ask. Well, knitting is incredibly helpful in optimizing concentration. There are many different types of learning, and one of these types is kinesthetic. Kinesthetic learners learn through motion. Frequently, you will see kinesthetic learners fiddling, doodling, or knitting while listening to a lecture or something that requires a great deal of concentration.

Knitting helps people to retain more information. By giving the brain something to focus on, it is easier to concentrate on the noise around you. Instead of focusing on thoughts or allowing yourself to drift into another dimension, it is much easier to pay attention to what is being said. So, if you are having trouble focusing in class, start knitting. You may just surprise yourself on how much information you retained.

Another reason why knitting is good for you is that it reduces anxiety. Yes, that’s right, knitting reduces stress and anxiety. Knitting and crocheting will actually reduce a person’s heart rate. When stressed or anxious, people’s heart rate will increase causing a person to feel uneasy or panicked. But, knitting will reduce a person’s heart rate, thereby reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. It helps people to stay calm.

Knitting is an incredible coping mechanism for people suffering from mental illnesses. As stated before, it has a calming effect and it helps concentration. So, people struggling through a panic attack or anxiety attack may want to start knitting. It can help them to stop focusing on their own thoughts and dread, and it gives their mind something to focus on. Knitting is incredibly calming and insanely helpful for people struggling with mental illnesses for that reason.

So, in closing, knitting is one of the best habits to adopt. Although it may seem like a cliche old lady habit, it is incredibly good for people’s mental health and wellbeing. It helps a great deal with concentration, which can help with memory retention. And, memory retention is never a problem if you have a test coming up. Plus, if you are struggling with anxiety or the workload of school is too much for you, start knitting. It will help ease anxiety, stress, and worry. Knitting is the best habit anyone could adopt.