Tri-City Prep Anthology

By Alex Mintz

Calling all writers, poets, and all other people who enjoy writing! Denobis invites you to show your work in this year’s writing anthology. In this project, you can write a short story, poem, play script, and other various writing styles which will be put in a book for all of the school. If you don’t want to reveal your name, then that’s alright! You can ask to be an anonymous person, but Denobis has to know who wrote what.

So what can I write for the writing anthology?

You can write about anything, but it must be school appropriate and your own work. It also must follow the requirements that can be found on the Denobis Moodle page. If you are having troubles on what to write about, you can ask Ms. Kauffman for last years anthology to get some inspiration on what to write. You can also submit more than one entry in if you feel like you want to write more.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for the submission are:

  • It must not exceed 11 pages.
  • It has to be saved as a .rtf, .doc, or docx
  • It must have a legible font and size
  • It has to be double spaced
  • For the file name (when saving your work): Please include the last name and type of submission (poem, short story, play etc.)
  • For the header: please include your last name, title, and page number

Once you have all of this done, you are then able to submit it!

How do you submit our submission?


To submit your entry, you must first log onto the Moodle page and select Moodle courses. After you have done that, look for the Denobis page and enter it.

Since you won’t be able to submit it when you are not enrolled, you will have to enroll in the class. You can unenroll once you have finished submitting in your writing.

When do you have to turn in your submission?

All submissions are due on March 7th, 2019. Do not procrastinate. The Moodle page for submitting writing will close at 6:00 pm. If you plan on doing this, get it done when you have the chance to do it.

What do we get if we decide to write a submission?

All students who have written a submission for the writing anthology will receive extra credit from your English teacher. This includes Mrs. Kauffman, Mr. Coffman, and Mrs. Halvorson. You must tell your teacher that you have submitted a writing piece for the anthology in order to get extra credit. If you are in need of a good grade or just want extra credit, I would recommend writing something in the Denobis anthology.

If you want to show your writing to all your fellow classmates, then submit your piece of writing to the anthology! You can let your imagination go wild and can even earn some extra credit points for English. Make sure you follow all the requirements if you do submit a piece of writing. We all can’t wait to see it!