The Importance of History

By Jadyn Miller

Have you ever sat in class, and listened to the droning monotone voice, wondering what the point was? History is a subject that is well known for this, and at times seems unnecessary. The reality, though, is that not enough people know their history, and even of those who do, many more do not know what the reason for it is.


History is one of the most vital things for us to learn for several reasons. It is what surrounds us, and leads us in the right (or wrong) direction in life, and also allows us to learn more about the world around us.

History, despite what many may think, is still important today. We are the sum of what we know, and knowing more about the past allows us to make better decisions today. In America, we are a Democratic Republic, and if the founding fathers had not known about the Greeks and Romans who invented it, it would be a lot less likely that we would still be this way.

One thing you can see happen throughout time is history repeating itself. A country will go through turmoil, a leader will seize power, and a “golden age” will follow. Then, they will face a threat of some kind, and they will eventually fall. This is how things are. Learning your history will allow you to see, and learn these patterns, and in some cases, break them.

History is also very important for the future because whoever controls history controls the future. One major example of this is a totalitarian government. The easiest way for a totalitarian government to take and keep control is to control the history. If you are not taught of freedom, you will not know freedom. If you do not know of rebellion, you will not rebel. Simply teaching the citizens that the totalitarian way is how it has always been allows the government to keep control. This can also be seen in 1984 by George Orwell.

If you learn your history, then you will be able to tell when something like this is happening. Those who know about the world around them will be able to see the “warning signs”, and get the word out. Those who know about the world around them are less likely to fall into its corruption.

History can also just be to educate. It can help you to learn about different cultures, or just be able to learn more about where you come from. Also, history doesn’t always have to be boring. For example, nursery rhymes started out as a fun, engaging, way to teach children history. “London Bridge is Falling Down,” and “Ring Around the Rosies” are two great examples.

History is also an excellent way to pass on tradition. In groups like the Native Americans, there is great importance placed in passing down their traditions to their grandchildren. Many of them have followed the same traditions for generations by passing things on orally.

History is the thread of the past and is woven into the future. It is still essential, and still as relevant today as it was in the past, and will be in the future. Learn your history, and you control the future.