The Snow-pocolypse

By Allison Miller

Last Thursday night in Prescott, Arizona, something happened that hasn’t been seen for years upon years. Over the course of two days, more than a foot and a half of snow settled over the homes, neighborhoods, and streets all across town. Schools all across the city were canceled hours before the snow even began to fall. Though many students enjoyed their two days away from school, this event caused a few much more frightening outcomes throughout homes and highways.

In the days leading up to the insane snowfall, people had begun to worry over what was going to happen if they were to be snowed in. Though many people tend to move to Prescott from areas in California due to the belief that there is usually moderate weather, there have been two extreme blizzards just within the past two months. Due to the sudden dangers that were presented in the previous storm on New Year’s Eve, this time around everyone was determined to be far more prepared. During and after the sudden New Year’s Eve flurries there were numerous serious to minor crashes on even some of the safest roads in town amongst those who needed food and supplies for their homes for the coming day.

After seeing the forecast for the snowfall coming to Prescott in the next forty-eight hours, the majority of people were determined to be prepared just in case. Though many were dismissive about the predictions of the weathermen (since they are not always the most reliable), it soon became clear that there truly was going to be something big coming. People rushed to the stores to stock up for fear of being hungry in their homes with no way to get to the store.

This being said, there were still those who chose to ignore the weather conditions and attempted to travel to their jobs and go about their everyday business. Even the most experienced driver cannot control the whims of nature as many found out this past weekend. Even now, a few days later, there are still many places around the city where cars are stuck in their entirely flat driveways. Though the majority of the major roads across town have either melted or been plowed, most of the side streets that cross to and through neighborhoods are still insanely icy and nearly unbearable to drive on. Just getting out of the house and making one’s way to work or school can be an unsafe venture. The fact that over half of these neighborhoods reside on Prescott’s hills does not help the situation in the slightest.

Though these past few storms have not been seen in this town for many years, the effect that they have had on the people is evident. There were rushes to supermarkets and vehicle crashes along even the safest streets. People were locked in their homes for two days, maybe more depending on if their street had been plowed. However, despite the dangers that come with storms in this hilly city, the time that families were able to spend with each other in the snow hopefully helped keep everyone’s hearts warm during the freezing weather.