How To Waste Time: A Guide

by Cristin Maldarella

Everyone likes to waste time; it’s a fact. Have you ever wondered all the different ways there are to waste time? Obviously, there are infinite ways of wasting time. You have not truly lived until the day that you start your homework at one o’clock in the morning because you had been watching Netflix till that moment. If you are having trouble finding different ways to waste time, remember all the possibilities.


One amazing way to waste time is YouTube. It is amazing how many hours can be spent watching pointless YouTube videos. People can sit on the couch for hours curled up in a blanket watching Markiplier, Pewdiepie, cat videos, and much more. If you are having trouble finding a way to waste time, watch YouTube.

Another good way to waste time is Netflix. There are so many options for movies, television series, short videos, and more on this instant video outlet. There’s no feeling like getting hooked on a television series and not moving for ten hours straight. Netflix is an incredible way to waste time.

Now, if you want to waste time on something that does not require sitting for hours without end, there are not that many options. But, you could try picking up a useless hobby. Most hobbies are not entirely useless, but, when there are more important things to be focused on such as homework or studying for that test tomorrow, there’s no better option than learning how to play the guitar in one night.

Another incredible and royal waste of time is shopping. It both wastes your time and your money. There’s no greater way to spend time than spending hours buying an insane amount of things which you will never use again. Your wallet becomes empty and your grades plummet. In other words, shopping is one of the best ways to waste time when there’s an exam the next day.

If none of these options sounds right for you, try memorizing the soundtrack to a musical. This option is not for everyone, but anyone who likes musical theatre will never be bored as they plug their headphones in and lip sync an entire musical for two and a half hours straight.

If all else fails, you can always invest in the business of meme creation. Memes, because of how quickly they die, are the best waste of time. There’s nothing like spending hours creating a meme that will dissolve after a month or less.

All in all, there are many ways to waste time. Sometimes, however, we run out of options. It is essential that we spend some time every day wasting time that we will never get back. So, when there’s no way of wasting time, try one of these. Watch YouTube, watch Netflix, adopt a pointless hobby, go shopping, or literally anything else you want to do. There are endless possibilities. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and waste that time that you could be spending doing something productive such as studying.