The Imagination Club

By, Jadyn Miller
Joseph Blacketer, at the age of 14, is the head of the Imagination club. When he first came to this school, he noticed that there was no club for people like him. People who he says, “have an overactive imagination.”
This is what he said was what first gave him the idea of starting the Imagination club. What was the catalyst, however, was when he met a group of students who were in the exact same situation. After meeting these other students, he decided to start the Imagination club.
The Imagination club was started several months ago. Since then, the members have had fun developing their characters and exchanging ideas.
All the characters are the representations of how the members of Imagination club see themselves. They don’t merely make characters, though. They also make their own worlds. In these worlds, they create their own creatures, tools, and depending on their preference, their own systems of magic.
These different worlds are very unique, built by individuals off of different ideas, and into something beautiful. After they have created them, they will then share their characters and worlds, allowing them to show others what they have made.
As time moves on, the Imagination Club could go two different ways. One option that they have discussed is to merge ideas and roleplay or to keep them separated into different dimensions. Dimensions would be separate “realities” for each persons’ different ideas, thus keeping them from contradicting each other.
According to the head of the club, Joseph Blacketer, the different dimensions would be how different people would interact with one another, whether it be to trade, fight or ally themselves with each other. This option, although fun, would quite difficult to do in the time they have.
The other option of how to move forward would be to try storytelling. If they decided to do this, they would each take turns telling stories of their world, or simply describe it. This would allow people to intertwine short stories of a world of their creation into something fun and beautiful.
Another thing that the club hopes to be able to do will only be possible once they have more members. What they wish to do once they have more members is to have people who are what is called a controller. The controllers would be helpful no matter which way the club goes. It would be the controllers’ jobs to help manage the club, along with making sure that everything makes sense.
Imagination club is a safe place to have fun, develop and exchange ideas. And, for those who wish to join, check it out, or are even curious, it meets on Tuesdays, during lunch, in Mr. Bronson’s room.

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