Promposals at Tricity

By Allison Miller

It is the time of year again where stores are showing off their most expensive and extravagant dresses and stocking up on their corsage displays. That’s right: it is time for prom once again. As seniors and juniors in every school prepare for the special day, making dinner plans and coordinating colors for what they will be wearing, no one goes without a glimpse of prom. Though the majority of the school does not end up going to prom, from the freshman to the more antisocial seniors, everyone throughout the halls still gets affected by the emotions surrounding this event.

One of the most notable things at Tricity Prep during this time of year is the contest that the students hold for one couple to win free tickets by having the best ‘promposal.’ A ‘promposal’ is just what it sounds like: a proposal that relates to prom. Students vote on Instagram for their favorite promposal, the post with the most votes winning the contest along with the tickets.

Though many people can simply ask someone to prom in a simpler way, the promise of not having to pay for the tickets, which usually cost upwards of fifty dollars at any school, even when bought in pairs, can motivate couples to put on a show for those around them.

This year, Tricity promposals have only just begun, a few simple signs and other small gestures have begun to show up on the Instagram page. However, everyone throughout the school has continued to hear whispers of those endeavors that are much more extravagant and time-consuming to plan. Within the next few weeks, as tickets begin to be sold and the date for prom draws closer, we are all certain to see more and more of these promposals, both large and small.

But how is the rest of the school taking this? Though it is true that the majority of high schoolers are insanely excited about this upcoming dance, as it has become a classic high school experience over the years, there are definitely those who are getting quite fed up with prom discussions. Since most of the school is constantly buzzing about who is going to prom with who and what so-and-so did for their promposal, the topic is becoming greatly oversaturated for many of the underclassmen and those upperclassmen who aren’t interested in prom in the slightest.

In all honesty, for those who are not able to go to prom, all this talk of dresses, fancy dinners, flowers, and limo rides to a venue that they may never see in person is beginning to get on some of their nerves. Not to say that some of the people who are not going don’t enjoy supporting the couples who are going after the free tickets, but it is true that many of the students would rather discuss almost anything else than the dance. Of course, though, it is something only comes around once a year, and for the seniors going, it is an amazing experience they have likely looked forward to since freshman year.

Everyone in high school has their time to hear about and be jealous of those going to prom and then later be the person on his or her way to prom, so if those not going can be patient and those going can try to tone it down a bit, maybe everyone can be happy and just enjoy everything happening.