The Seven Deadly Sins Explained

By Jakob Christy

The seven deadly sins (the characteristics, not the anime) were made in relation to the Holy Bible. This list includes wrath, greed, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth, and envy. These cardinal sins don’t necessarily mean they are sins to feel themselves, but can be summed up as emotions that can lead to sins. Along with that, these characteristics can really help a writer with developing characteristics, making sure to account for each feeling. This introduces a character flaw and can bring around development. Those that have written something like that before should understand the importance in that.

Although being greedy, prideful, or angry isn’t viewed as valuable traits, it brings around that feeling of humanity. It’s what stops an overpowered character from winning every encounter or being so charismatic. Although you should never encourage a trait like this, sometimes we just have to learn to embrace our flaws and try to better ourselves as a whole!

Extreme Anger
Wrath can certainly be one of the more obvious of the deadly sins. When someone has a feeling of wrath, they feel the utmost anger. This can spread from a number of things, from a fight, abuse, dishonesty, and more heightened emotions. This includes being scared, or while on a particular substance, such as alcohol. These feelings can lead to violence or injury, ranging from a physical attack to emotional abuse.
Somebody that experiences this may lead a life of high stress. They can react harshly, and get annoyed easily. This tends to arise from work, alcohol abuse, drugs, or a specific case altogether. If you come across somebody like this, you should probably avoid them until a later time. If you are experiencing this, you should take a minute, catch your breath, and calm down.

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Selfish desire
Greed is as common to people as it is sunlight. Most businesses, workplaces, and celebrities are very familiar with greed and other desires. This stems from desire. It’s the feeling of a selfish want that may detriment from other people’s quality of life. This can mean people making irrational choices for money, possessions, and other items.
Greed can lead to stealing, abusing, and ruining other people or items, such as energy plants ruining our planet’s ecosystem, large companies using business tactics to convince people to buy an item, or businesses abusing its workers by overworking/underpaying their employees.

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Pride is the feeling of satisfaction when you achieve something. It’s that feeling of joy you get whenever you get a high grade or follow through with something. Even if what you did was by pure chance, that feeling of confidence rises up. It’s a good feeling, but too much can lead to trouble. Somebody who feels too much pride in themselves might get too cocky and act like real jerks. This is often seen in celebrities, rich people, and actors. People that stop feeling considerate to others because they believe they are better than them.
Pride can lead to a whole variety of sins. Believing that you are higher up can lead to ruining other’s lives, loss in belief, and abuse of power depending on how high up you are. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel pride for yourself or others. Especially in this day and age, where self-confidence levels are on the floor. It just means that you shouldn’t abuse that feeling. Remember that you are human; nothing beyond that. Be happy, be kind.

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Overindulgence in food
Gluttony is overeating. Eating much more food than is really necessary. This one is almost a direct connection to greed. Overindulging in food is not only unhealthy for the body, but it can be bad for those around you. Although it’s not necessarily as obvious today, since there’s likely to be a restaurant within a mile of you at all times, it would have been a lot more obvious in the older days. When people had a share of food, one person eating it all would have led others to starve. They would end up unhealthy, greedy, and sometimes would cause problems for those around them.
A gluttonous person nowadays would be causing damage to others, potentially putting those around them in a worse state because of it. It’s the same as being greedy. Be mindful of others, and you should be fine.

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Envy, or jealousy, is another well-known feeling. It isn’t all that common of a trait in people. Envy is the feeling of want of someone else’s possessions. If someone commonly experiences that, they could be a mean thief, unafraid of taking someone else’s property.
This can lead to a person stealing from friends and families, and potentially even ruining the thing they were envious of in the first place. Being jealous of something isn’t the worst feeling to have about something, but it all comes down to how you act on it. Once more, and I hope that people remember this, just be nice to other people. It’s not that hard to treat people like their your equals, because they really are.

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Sexual desire
Lust is a strong sexual desire toward something. This is another one where it mostly matters how you act on it. Know your place, and never take advantage of something because of your feelings. Be responsible, and don’t be a creep.
Lust is commonly felt among the worst of people. Rapists, pedophiles, creepy old men. It really is one of those scenarios where too much is too much.

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Laziness, or feeling like a sloth, is one of those lesser known ones. Being sloth-like can make you sluggish, lazy, and irresponsible. Those that are like that aren’t commonly looked at as the scum of the Earth, but it really can be something people should take into consideration.
In relation to the Bible, where these sins stem from, becoming lazy can mean losing devotion to God. You don’t feel the importance or need to follow through with your own religion. Feeling sluggish at times is certainly no problem, but it’s when you put it above the rest of your responsibilities that it can become a problem.

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Examining these traits individually, there are a few things that you should follow throughout your life because of this. Be kind and considerate to others. Resist any strong, negative urges. Treat others how you want to be treated, unless you want to be treated badly. Be nice to others in all circumstances.