Bored? Webtoon.

By Alex Mintz

Do you love comics with an original story? Do you like reading about a dramatic story filled with romance, horror, and more? You are in luck, because there is one app that can satisfy your thirst for comics. The app called Webtoon is a digital comic platform to read comics. There are many original comics out there to enjoy at home, after school, and other various places with the internet.

Webtoon believes in creator-owned comics and supports the creators, as said on the website. There are over 200 different comics to read which means so many different things to read, and so much variety, but what to read? There are so many to choose from, and it can be hard to decide where to start.

You could always do two things. One thing you can do is go discover comics through the discover section of the sidebar, if you download the app, and then look around for a new comic. Another way is to ask your friends if they have Webtoon and see what they read. Who knows? Maybe they know a good comic that you might like.

If you now have Webtoon, that’s great! There are so many interesting stories and you hope you could read them all. Which one to read first, however? There are so many. Here is a list of some of the various comics with a brief description:

  • Ghost Eyes – Do you like horror, LGBT, and supernatural things? Ghost Eyes is about a boy named Tobias Schneien, who was homeschooled his whole life until now. According to the description on Webtoon, he was raised in a church in the woods with his many siblings, tentative mother, and religious father, he is wrought with severe paranoia of being in public with peers by himself. His only comfort here are the voices in his head, the blade given by his uncle, and his god. Until he meets a boy who wants to show him how fun being a devil can be, which makes Tobias feel like he can’t escape.


  • Lore Olympus – If you enjoy love stories, then you might like Lore Olympus. It is about the Taking of Persephone, but what they do after dark and they don’t have work to do. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and forbidden love. Lore Olympus has it all for Greek God fans and romance.

Lore Olympus

  • Blue Chair – Want a good laugh? Blue Chair can help with that with its lovely stand-up comic style filled good laughs. It is a fun comic that can cause you to laugh and feel warm inside.

BLue chair

  • Unordinary – Are you a fantasy fan? Webtoon has tons of fantasy, including this one! Unordinary is all about a world filled with people that possess unthinkable powers and abilities. A boy named John is scared that a secret from the past will reveal as he lives the life of a normal teenager filled with battles, frenemies, and deadly conspiracies around every corner.


  • Seed – Seed takes place in the future where robots are more in our society. This story is all about the relationship between a girl and an AI system, that was supposed to be shut down, and complicates things for the entire world.


  • Sunny Side Skies – This is a slice of life story about Adam, a man detached and lacking direction, meets Chase, a peppy, sugar-fueled – his polar opposite, says the author. It is fascinating to read.

Sunny Side Skies

  • Lumine – Are you more interested in dramas? Then you might like Lumine. This is about a runaway werewolf who meets Kody, a witch boy, and was hired to work as his bodyguard. He tries to befriend Kody, but he continues to keep Lumine away from him. As this happens, life gets more complicated for the two.


These are only a few of the stories made on Webtoon. If are bored and have nothing to do or you really want to read a comic, download Webtoon. There are so many stories that you can dive into and enjoy. Come read some of the comics and download Webtoon if you are interested in comics!