Prom 2018-2019

By Kaylee Malin

Tri-City College Prep held its 2018-2019 Junior/Senior Prom on Friday, April 26 at the Windmill House in Chino Valley. Students from the Prescott school fled in wearing the brightest, boldest, and most beautiful suits and gowns. The dance floor was prepped, the lights were set, and the music was just right.

Tri-City’s very own Student Council woke up bright and early to make sure that everything was set in place in order to make the night perfect for everyone involved. Months of planning had finally led up to this one night, and everyone was anxious to see just what the Student Council had in store. Some arrived at the venue fashionably in limos, and others casually came smiling in with friends, but not a frown or look of disappointment was seen throughout the entirety of the night.

If you were not hanging out with friends inside on the dance floor or munching down on cake and snacks, you would be found outside enjoying the beautiful venue. When the sun finally set, the night was lit with fairy lights along the bridge that overlooked the pond, and a fire that warmed everyone up right in the middle of the large courtyard. There were games and lots of picture taking outside at the gorgeous Windmill House.

As the night came to a quiet close, prom prince, princess, king, and queen was announced. The lights shone bright, and the dance floor was surrounded in anticipation for whose names would be called. The ballots were in. The votes had been tallied. The names were announced.

For prom princess, clapping roared for Rachel Plum. For prom prince, shouts and hollers rang for George Rizk. The crowd was astounding for Connor Metcalf when his name was called for prom king, and his queen of the night was the beautiful Rani Thompson.

Photo 1

The final call was made for anyone who wanted pictures, and people fled in. Teachers and students danced their final dances, and couples gazed in each other’s eyes as the last slow song played over the speakers. The last of the food and drinks disappeared, and more and more people became tired and were ready to part for the night.

After nearly three hours of dancing, being in high heels, and hot suits, everyone was ready for the night to end at the Windmill House.

Photo 2

The lights rose and everyone began filing out the double doors. The limos filled again, ready to for their fashionable exit. Students laughed and smiled to their respective cars, and headed to their next destinations, whether that was home, parties, or late night diners. Student Council stayed back to clear out the venue, after the decorated night, then too left the scene, as though the night had never happened.

Even if the party continued for some after the event at the Windmill House, Tri-City’s 2018-2019 Junior/Senior prom had come to an end. One night that had meant months of planning for the majority of the school had been wrapped up and finished with a bow. Here’s to next year’s prom, and to the memories that will be tied up then.

Photo 3

*Photography by: Michael Miliken