Fundraising in Schools

By Allison Miller

Many schools nowadays require what seems to be endless amounts of fees, and they constantly ask their students and parents to donate to them. However, whether or not people agree with the monetary requests being made, the administration itself is not the only branch of the school trying to raise money.

Though many people are unaware, each grade level at Tri-city has its own account within the school, as do the vast majority of all the clubs on campus. To raise money for these accounts, each group holds fundraisers throughout the year to keep their accounts well-stocked. However, even for those that are aware of the fundraising that each class does, many do not realize what it is for.

Every year at Tri-city, the junior class pays for and plans the upperclassmen’s prom. As most people know, prom is extremely expensive, both for those attending and those putting the event on. Since this cost is put onto the junior class each year, the student council representatives of the class work to plan events that will bring in money to make sure prom is the best it can be each year.

As for the senior class’s funds, it seems that they do not really have a purpose, as they are not paying for prom and only have a year left at the school. What many people fail to realize is that even as the senior class leaves, they generally put their money towards a gift for the school. For example, a dedicated bench like the one that sits by the office at the front of the campus. On that note, most of the senior class’s funds have been drained from the year before as they paid for prom. However, they still manage to give something back to this school with what they have to make sure they are remembered by the school.

Most clubs, on the other hand, use their money to go towards club uniforms, such as t-shirts or sweatshirts if the club has them, or any more extravagant events that the officers want to put on.

How do these groups even raise the money to go through with these things though? One of the most popular things to hold at the school is to hold bake sales at lunch. Though the idea is seen as overused by many of the people in charge, there is no denying how much revenue they bring in. Many of the clubs have their own snack stores throughout the whole day in the classroom of the teacher who puts on their club. For example, Denobis, who sells a variety of snacks such as Nutella and green tea in Ms. Kauffman’s room.

Other than just selling food, though, many clubs provide products and services more specific to their club. For example, the photography club offers pictures at many of the dances throughout the school year to collect funds. Denobis sells the anthology, the collection of student writings, during the school year and at special events, not only to make money but also to share the work of all those that contributed to it.

Overall, each individual group has a reason for doing what they do to get money. Each club needs to keep itself running, and each class will have to pay for prom at one point in its high school career. Remember that they are not just trying to take your money for no reason, and consider supporting the fundraisers they hold when you can!