Is the Dutch Mafia Overthrowing Starbucks?

By Cristin Maldarella

Most people know that there is a rivalry between Dutch Bros and Starbucks. This rivalry has been going on for years. All around Tri-City prep there are mixed opinions on which is better. Most people have a preference; They say that only one of the two coffeeshops is the right choice. Either they like Starbucks or they like Dutch Bros. However, there are a few people who enjoy both.

Either way, there are some very notable differences between these two places that make the rivalry so real. For example, each store is a café, but they are both far different from traditional cafes. Starbucks is a typical fast café in that they take your order indoors or in the drive-through, make your drink, and give it to you. Dutch Bros, on the other hand, only the employees go into the store itself. Customers can either order at the window or in the drive-through.

Both of these styles of cafes are clearly different from a traditional café. Traditional cafés are typically sit-down. They take your order and you pay after you have your drink. Starbucks and Dutch Bros are the two fast ‘grab-n-go’ type of cafes. However, that is not the only thing making these two places so different from typical cafés. Being the only two café’s that are different, the rivalry is born.

Another major aspect that makes this rivalry so real is simply their wide variety of drinks. Most cafés, even if they are a fast store, do not offer the same number of drinks as both Starbucks and Dutch Bros offer. Most cafés offer a variety of coffees and teas, but Starbucks and Dutch Bros, while they do offer coffee and tea, also offer blends and shakes. Most people do not even know the names of all of their drinks. In fact, they even offer drinks that are not provided on the menu.

What is it that makes one better than the other, or are they both the same? Well, Dutch Bros is much more casual than Starbucks. The people there are friendly and love to make conversation with customers. Starbucks is much more traditional, providing good customer service but not making conversation with customers. This makes Dutch Bros better in customer service, but it also slows down business.

Another difference between the two places is pastries. Starbucks offers a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and other foods. Dutch Bros only specializes in drinks. This difference is mainly just different types of business. Starbucks, once again, is more traditional.

Overall, both of these stores are incredibly popular, with an impressively offering wide variety of drinks. They both provide excellent customer service and are speedy at giving people their order. Which is better, then? That question entirely depends on the person asked. Some people are all for Dutch Bros–they love the drinks and the people there. Other people are completely for Starbucks to the point where they know all of the employees and have the menu memorized. Which of these places is actually better, therefore, completely depends on a person’s personal preference.