Game Gaggle is back!

By Alex Mintz

Are you interested in playing board games instead of waiting for your parents out in bad weather? Want to hang out with people and make more memories? Well, then I know the club for you! Game Gaggle is back and ready for new members to join! I had a chance to interview the leader of Game Gaggle, Jakob Christy. What is Game Gaggle? What are they going to do? You don’t need to ask yourselves these questions anymore, for all the information is here!

What does Game Gaggle do?

According to Jakob, they will have a variety of different board games available for members at all times. “We want to be able to bring in well-known games, such as Monopoly, Uno, and Chess, as well as unpopular games, such as Travellers of Catan, Mafia, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. We may also be starting up more pen and paper games too, like Dungeons and Dragons and Cyberpunk,” Jakob says. 

When is Game Gaggle and where is it being held?

Game Gaggle will be held in the Media Center, and will be advised by Mrs. Halvorson. It will be on every Monday after school. That way you can enjoy some activities while you wait for your parents to pick you up instead of sitting in bad weather. 

Are you going to plan any events for the future (ex. Back to School Night, Assemblies, etc.)? 

“Although the goal with Game Gaggle is interactivity, we may have some members of our club play a quick game, showcasing a card or board game that the audience may be less aware of, and hopefully keep it engaging for everyone,” Jakob says. If you have any ideas that will help the club, speak to Jakob and Lacey about it. 

What was your motive in reviving Game Gaggle? 

Last year, Game Gaggle was originally organized with the help of a special math teacher named Ms. Mezeske. She was unable to take care of the club since she was retiring. Jakob says, “While thinking about how to start my own club, it dawned on me that many people may like the idea of a club a much more relaxing club like Game Gaggle.” So, with the help of Lacey Hansen, they both revived the club.

Are you allowed to bring your own games to Game Gaggle?

It is encouraged to bring more games if you have any! You can always bring your own game than what will be provided for every member. The more games the merrier, am I right?

Game Gaggle is now back and ready for people to come to join the club! It is on every Monday located in the Media Center. There will be tons of games provided and you can always bring your own game if you want to. If you want to join a club that will help you relax and just enjoy the present, Game Gaggle is the club just for you. Jakob can’t wait to see you on September 30th!