Fall Break

By Allison Miller

It’s hard to believe we have gotten two months into the school year already! With classes in full swing, and tests and homework assignments flowing in, it seems as though so much has been happening that the days have flown by faster than we can keep track.

Though it seems like we are all just landing back in the swing of things, it seems that it’s already the time in the year where we get to take our first break in classes. That’s right! It’s time for Fall Break yet again! So before we get fully back into school and begin to worry about midterms and semester finals, it’s time to set aside the textbooks and take a week off for relaxation.

Though there are many places where Fall Break does not even exist in schools, Arizona is lucky to be one of the few places that does. In addition to the few days off given to students when Thanksgiving comes around, Arizonan students get five extra days off from the normal year in which they travel, catch up on television shows they’ve stopped watching due to school, or just spend times with their friends and family.

At Tri-City Prep High School, Fall Break is going to be taking place starting on Monday, October 7th, and ending on Friday October 11th, giving the students a well-deserved break from their stressful schedules.

Throughout the break, many students will be leaving the city on trips ranging from places like Phoenix, just two hours away, California, only a state over, to places across the country like Ohio and New York City. These students get the chance to travel the country without having to worry about missing out on the classes and homework they normally would over the course of a week, getting to enjoy their trips without the nagging fear of falling behind in school.

Other students focus on spending their finite free time socializing with their friends, both from school and outside of it. Rather than having to hang out with peers in the context of study sessions that may or may not even stay on task, the looming fear of tests, essays, and exams is gone. Students can sit down at a friends house or a coffee shop simply for the reason of getting to know someone better or just relaxing in their company rather than reading their previous notes and textbook annotations in states of high anxiety for the coming days.

Of course, there are kids who are honestly just glad to have the time away from school and use their time doing what can be boiled down to essentially nothing. Though many people may consider it lazy and unproductive to sit around the house and take that time off for yourself, it is something that can be incredibly helpful and keep students from burning out in school. So long as kids are able to take the time they need to regulate their stress, they will perform far better than they would if they did not have that time.

In summary, Fall Break is a time that everyone is able to spend their time doing what they want. After all, it’s a break for a reason, so when school gets out, make sure you spend your time in a way that get you relaxed and ready to dive back into the school year!