Creepypasta Contest

by Cristin Maldarella

What is Creepypasta? Creepypasta is a website that many writers go to when they want to write and share their scary stories. They have become well-known among horror fans, as well as popular among the internet as a whole.

This year, Denobis, Tri-City Prep’s newspaper and creative writing club, is hosting a Creepypasta contest. In previous years, Denobis has hosted this contest exclusively among club members. It earns them credit in the club by associating themselves and getting involved in writing, as is the purpose of this club. This year, however, the contest is being held school-wide.

In terms of prizes for the competitors, first place will be officially published on the Denobis site and given a ten dollar gift card to Dutch Bros. Second place winner will receive candy. This is more than the prizes of previous years mainly because it is now a school-wide contest.

Many people at this school enjoy writing, but are not members of Denobis. This could be either because they do not know about it or because they cannot fit it into their schedule. Holding this contest school-wide helps get other people involved with this club and allowing them to write. Some people here write as a hobby, and this allows them to do exactly that, but with a competitive spirit.

Each year, Denobis holds this contest close to Halloween because it is, ‘spooky season.’ People enjoy getting into the spirit of the holiday by immersing themselves in horror-themed activities. Creepypasta is a great opportunity for writers to get their work out there and to actually begin writing. Many writers lack the motivation to write, and this contest allows them to get past that and actually write something.

That is why Denobis made the decision to host this contest for the whole school. Not only does it allow writers to get past writing block by giving them competition, but it also allows others to read their work and enjoy Halloween even more.

Halloween is undeniably one of the most spirited holidays. People dress up in costumes and enjoy the one time of year where everyone enjoys creepy themed things. Creepypasta, although not as popular as it used to be, has become a great opportunity for Tri-City Prep this year to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. It is one chance for writers to get their work out in the process.

Holding this as a school-wide contest has been a big deal for Denobis this year. Before, the only writing event school-wide was the anthology at the end of the year. This year, however, they are hosting another event, though this one only publishes one story. During the anthology, many submissions are used. For Creepypasta, however, there can be only one person published, while there are prizes for both second and first places.

This writing event is extremely helpful for writers just to have the opportunity to write for something. The competition is a helpful motivation for writers at Tri-City, even those outside of Denobis. If you’re interested in writing, and want to perhaps win some fun prizes, then this is the contest for you.