How to Stay Positive & Hap

by Alex Mintz

It may seem difficult seeing so many things on the internet that makes us think negatively about the world we live in. From the Amazon Rainforest on fire, to the atmosphere being filled with carbon dioxide, to a test that you failed, it makes us feel miserable. Maybe we don’t have to feel this way, though.  Here are some ways to stay positive after something makes you upset.


  • Talk to someone about your worries & issues.

Talking to someone is a way to feel positive. You could talk to your family, friends, or maybe a teacher when you feel like you are ready to talk to someone. If it is difficult, then take your time because you have some time to talk about your problems. No one should be suffering alone. You shouldn’t hide your true feelings. Talking to someone could help you cope.

  • Do hobbies that make you feel better.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone, then it’s okay. You aren’t pressured to talk to someone. Another way to stay positive is to do something that you enjoy. For example, if you like art, then drawing is a good way to get your feelings out. Whatever hobbies you enjoy, try doing that to make yourself happy.


  • Listen to music.

Listening to music is another way to make you feel positive. According to Effects of Music Inquiry, we generally want to listen what we are feeling. For example, if a person is angry, they want to listen to songs that sound angry like rock and roll. If you listen to music, you may feel sad, but you will feel better if you listen to more songs.


  • If you have a pet, then hang out with them.

If you have a pet, then that’s a way to let all your negative emotions out. According to HelpGuide, studies have found that pets can not just only help lower blood pressure but can also elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine–which calm and relax–and pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Pets do make a difference in your emotions, even if it is just a fish or a cat.

  • Take a nap.

Sometimes if you are down, you could probably be emotionally tired, or you stayed up too late and went to sleep at a bad time. If you feel that you may need to take a nap, then take one. Just don’t take one in class or else you might miss something important. Another way is to not stay up late and get to bed at a reasonable time so you aren’t tired later in the day or unable to understand what you are doing.


  • Limit yourself on your phone.

Another way to feel happy is to limit your time on the phone. It isn’t healthy to stay on your phone for long periods of time. There are other things you could do like read a book, crochet something, or perhaps just eat something. If you are trying to make yourself positive, at least use your phone to talk with people by texting or calling, or maybe watch YouTube videos of your favorite Youtuber.

There are many ways to make yourself be more positive about life itself. These are just a few options you can choose from to make yourself happy. Life may not be all cupcakes and rainbows, but at least there is something good from the world. We can all still be happy and change our emotions. No one deserves to have negative emotions.