Creepypasta 2019 Contest Winner: “Blind” by Cristin Maldarella

(Apologies for this story being so late to arriving. Your humble editor-in-chief knows that she is a failure.)

“Blind” by Cristin Maldarella

Every year passed in slow motion, yet in reflection, the years became a second. One simple aspect gave him hope in life: love. Love was what kept him going. For years, he had been in love with someone, a girl. He never told her for a mere lack of courage. The sudden reality of life hit him earlier that day. Fifty-five years old, single, in love. Finally, he gained the courage to tell her. He was rejected. He did not know what he was expecting, but the hope of having her kept him going. 

The smell of sanitized fossils filled the room, filled his senses. He walked through the dim-lit hallway after close. Every display was silent and still. His life was a lie, his love was a lie. He reflected upon this as he locked down every door and every display. 

One moment was only reflecting in his own meaningless life, then next he was praying to God. He wished and begged for God to take him away. He did not wish to see this life. He wished to be blind to the world. He expected no response, yet the answer to his prayer was almost immediate. 

He felt a deep pain in his head. His eyes began to itch. Out of pure impulse, he rubbed them. Blood covered his hands. He rubbed his eyes again. Blood and water. Everything was blurry, then everything was gone. He felt his eyes again. They were only sockets.