Got Writer’s Block for Anthology?

By Alex Mintz

Nanowrimo has come and gone, but there is another writing event for all of Tri-City Prep students! That is the annual anthology! It is a public event for all students at Tri-City Prep to submit and to be published for all of TCP to see. When it comes to the anthology, it is hard to write something if you have writer’s block, or perhaps you have no clue what types of writing you can submit. Look no further! This article will give you ideas of what you can write in our school anthology!

In the anthology, you can submit any forms of writing. You could create stories, poems, scripts, and even lyrics to a song you might be working on. These are a few things you can do in the anthology, but what if you did something a little different?

One thing you could do is to get out of your comfort zone of writing. For example, instead of writing a basic poem that rhymes, you could write different types of poems like a cinquain (a 5-lined haiku) or perhaps a tanka (a much longer haiku). Try a different form of writing poems, stories, or whatever you are able to write the best.

Another idea for the anthology is to finish a piece of writing that you haven’t finished for a long time ago. We all have our moments where we begin writing something until we get burnt out easily and start on something new. As long as the piece of writing is school appropriate, then you can work on that long-lost writing and submit it for the anthology. (Editor’s note: Use Lord of the Flies by William Golding as a guideline for how appropriate your story needs to be.)

Once you have an idea of what type of writing you want to do, perhaps your writer’s block is stopping you from being creative. One idea you could do is base your piece of writing off of an experience in your life. Something that makes you nostalgic to this day, perhaps.

Another idea you could do for your piece of writing is to base it off from writing prompts. If you have Instagram, some accounts provide prompts for stories and you could combine some prompts into one and submit it into the anthology.

Thirdly, you could describe a photo. You take a scenic photo. For example, you might have taken a picture of a sunset. You could create a story that describes how vibrant the colors and, if any, what that characters are thinking and doing at that moment of the photo.

The anthology is an amazing way to show your creative writing skills to share with the community of Tri-City Prep and to potentially get more extra credit points for your English class. If you are curious about what the anthology is and how to submit your piece, you can look at the link below about information about everything you need to know. These ideas that are listed are only ideas you could do. You don’t have to use them all, but if it helps stop your writer’s block, then use them!We hope you all join this year’s annual anthology!

Link to what the anthology is: