By Allison Miller

Getting through high school is one of the greatest milestones that must be completed in the lives of teenagers. However, after having made it through freshman, sophomore, and junior year, many individuals begin to get bored with the entire idea of school. By the time that students reach the second semester of their senior year, they are so worn out with classes and are so focused on leaving high school that they often begin to fall behind in their work. With the looming idea of moving away from home and finding oneself in the new setting of college, many seniors lose sight of the things that they deemed important throughout their entire school career.

It is often said that each ‘A’ grade earned in the second semester of senior year is worth a good amount of money. This is entirely true. Even if a student was admitted to a college with straight A grades and received a very large scholarship for it, there is no guarantee that they will be able to keep it if they fall behind. Many students do not realize that the scholarship they receive is not secure after they have been given it. Scholarships take into account a student’s official transcripts, which can only be given out after they have graduated. It is for this reason that it is extremely important that students do not give up on their grades in their final semester.

Many students will completely forget about the things they need to get done between the time they apply to college and when they are actually getting to go there. There are so many things that must be done: housing to be registered for, scholarship applications to be filled out, class schedules to be made. If a student completely leaves the motivation they previously held for college behind them in the past of their junior year, these things will creep up on them suddenly. These important things cannot be put off just because someone has been admitted to a college. Just because they are not addressed does not mean they will go away. Students need to stay on top f these things and make sure they have things done by the deadline, or otherwise be alright with having to get them all done at once or not having access to the most ideal options.

Since so many things in college have to do with deadlines, seniors need to remember to pay attention to the time they have left in high school, though that is one of their least favorite things to do.

Many seniors count the days until graduation and just wait for the day they can say they never have to return to those classes. Many of them live day to day, putting off essential tasks and assuming that their last semester in high school won’t impact the days to come. It is so important for students to realize that this is not the truth. Every day in high school can influence a student’s future if given the right attention or lack thereof. No student should focus on the future so much that they forget the present. Even leaving academics aside, students should understand that each day they have left with their teachers and peers is precious and that they are, in fact, numbered.

Make sure that when the time comes where you begin to think about ditching school and only thinking of the times to come that you can breathe and remember how important the present is.