Denobis: The Group That Writes These

 By Jadyn Miller

If you are reading this, then that means you might know about it. That’s right, it’s Denobis!

Denobis is the school newspaper. They are in charge of writing articles, as well as publishing an anthology, among other things. But what all do they do?

Meeting on Tuesdays after school, meetings usually start with club business. One such thing is article sign-ups. Members volunteer to write, giving a topic. They then write it, with a deadline of the following week. A club officer will then edit it and publish it.

Following business is often a writing activity, with anything from poetry to breaking the fourth wall. Malayna West, the Editor-In-Chief, will usually lead these activities, as well as Ms. Kauffman occasionally stepping in.

Along with meetings, Denobis hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

One of the events that has already occurred this year was Harry Potter day. Every year, there is a sale of Harry Potter themed snacks, as well as a trivia game in Ms. Kauffman’s room. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their house colors, or any other Harry Potter themed clothing they have.

Another event that is like this is Star Wars/ Star Trek day. There is also a sale of themed treats on this day, as well as other events that are yet to be announced. It will be taking place on May 4th this year.

Earlier in the year, you may have heard of the Creepypasta Story Contest. This was held by Denobis, and everyone was open to submit any short horror stories they had written. The winner was Christin Maldarella and the runner up was Serenity Nickels. Her story, “Blind,” was published on the Denobis webpage.

One thing that Denobis is known for is its anthology. Operating as the school newspaper, they publish one every year, accepting submissions from both club members and other students. All the works are put together into a small book, which can be bought in Ms. Kauffman’s room when they are available.

They accept any type of written work, from poetry to short stories (of reasonable length). All details about this can be found on the Denobis Moodle page.

One other work made by Denobis is the senior print. At the end of every year, a small newspaper is printed, and it is focused on the seniors. Quotes from or about the seniors are scattered throughout, as well as short articles about them. If you have any good stories about the seniors, then please talk to a Denobis member.

Outside of yearly events, Denobis has a couple other things they do. In Ms. Kauffman’s room, you can find the Denobis store, where you can buy snacks or drinks. T-shirts can also be purchased. Talk to Ms. Kauffman for more details.

On Monday mornings, you can also find a table outside the auditorium selling hot drinks. It has a variety of options available, with everything under a dollar.

Denobis does a lot around the school, as well as the school newspaper. Overall, they are a busy group!