Technological Advancements in 2020

By Kat Polk

In the year 2020, technology is becoming more advanced than ever. This advancement can be a glimpse into the future, but is this technological advancement a good thing? New technologies like unhackable internet and the evolution of aerospace technologies are definitely good things.

The issue that these advances in technology cause are things like social disruption. Some may say that we are also becoming too dependent on technology. Although there are many disadvantages to technological advancement, there are many positive impacts as well. All of these types of technology are interesting to analyze. It is also interesting to see how much technology has grown in the past few years.


One of the biggest technological advancements in the past few years has been iPhones. They improved in many different ways. The camera has improved drastically in the past few years. We now have things such as Animoji and portrait mode. The things that we can do with the technology that we have is shocking to some. Information on nearly every subject is at your fingertips with these devices. Artificial intelligence is also included in the iPhone. Siri can be a useful tool.

Another way that Apple has improved their technology is by making it more accessible to the blind. Blind or visually impared users can use voice over and Siri to help them navigate their devices. When cell phones first came out, the blind people had no way to use them. This is an example of how the advancement in technology can be helpful.

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an incredible concept, because machines are being developed that have the intelligence of humans. Humans are the most intelligent life forms on the planet. The fact that machines can be as intelligent shows how far technology has come.

Although artificial intelligence is amazing, it can have many cons, along with pros. For example, artificial intelligence can be good because it can make rational decisions, it will never get tired, it has a lot of potential in the medical industry, and artificial intelligence is selfless and doesn’t need breaks. Some of the cons include a lack of creativity, it reduces the number of jobs needed, and it can cost a lot of money.

Self-Driving Cars

Self driving cars is another example of technological advancement. The number benefits of self driving cars is incredibly high, but so is the number of negative consequences. For example, self driving cars can be fantastic for those who can’t drive. It could be great for disabled people, or even children who are too young to drive.

One of the most concerning things about self driving cars is the fact that they can be unsafe. Although the safety features on self driving cars are improving, there is still always a risk of crashes. The risk is there because malfunctions happen all the time.

In conclusion, the technological advancements in 2020 are incredible. Although these advancements can benefit us greatly, we need to make sure that we are careful enough to analyze the cons as well. If we aren’t careful, and we don’t think  about the negative consequences that these technological advancements could have, we could do a lot of damage. For example, if there is too much artificial intelligence, then that could lead to unemployment. Unemployment is already an issue in today’s society, and artificial intelligence could make it worse. It is important to weigh the benefits as well as the negative consequences of technology.