CDL – Continued Distance Learners

By: Alex Mintz

            Covid-19 has changed our world significantly. Everyone must wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. It keeps everyone safe both in the world and at our own school. Most of the students are now back in school, but not everyone. Continued distance learners, or CDL, still are at home doing school. How does being a continued distance learner work? Is it easier or harder? Well, here is what goes on as a CDL.
            The best way to describe continued distancing learning is that it is more of an independent study. They are responsible for getting all the work done. In this case, they are to turn in their assignments on time. They also have to take the time to make sure that they check each Moodle and see if the teachers have posted any new assignments or information. Unlike face to face learners, CDL’s do not get to see their teachers every day. They have a set time with a teacher on a specific day to go over what was taught in class or what was posted. We only get a specific time to talk with a teacher before they have to go. What happens if a CDL is assigned a project? Well, there are certain ways that a CDL can go about finishing it. They could, if able, work on it online and turn it in via Moodle. The other way is that they can bring it in. As long as a person feels comfortable going on campus, then they have the option. It all depends on what the teacher wants to do for the project. Three words describe being a continued distance learner: wait for it.
            So, is it easy or hard being a CDL? Well, it depends on the person’s learning style and how they feel. I talked with one of our continued distance learners, Dakota Krock. He says, “It is certainly different. In some ways it is quicker. There is a lot of wasted time in the school day, so I can get a lot done much quicker.” It’s not the same though because CDL’s don’t get to see their friends or teachers every day nor get to participate in the activities that the school holds. It can get a little lonely, but they are still able to talk with friends who are also CDL and even the face to face learners when they are available. It’s different than seeing someone, but it can really make a CDL’s day.
            Being a continued distance learner can be a little different because of the different things they have to do compared to face to face learners. They have to go on Moodle and check to see if anything has changed and to make sure they get their assignments done. It can be easy or difficult depending on the person’s learning style and how CDL’s school life works. In the end, CDL’s are only waiting until it is safe for them. For now, they will continue to stay at home and wait for it.