Why I Don’t Write Poetry…

By: Micaela Preciado

I love writing! To me, writing expresses my creative side. It’s a hobby of mine as well as a time crusher. Writing allows me to get lost in a dream world. I have all the creative freedom and the control since I’m the author! I love to write short stories, dialogue, screen plays, etc. But poetry… is my nightmare! I’ve compiled a list as to why I don’t write poetry.

  • It’s confusing.

Personally, I find poetry very confusing. Poems seem like a jumble of words in a sentence that don’t seem to flow very well. The sentence comes out weird in the end because of the outline of the specific poem. I don’t understand why there needs to be a new line every sentence. Is it similar to a paragraph in an essay or a chapter in a story? When I read poems, I also have a confused look on my face. I have to reread it a couple times because I can’t comprehend it!

  • It’s boring

I can’t partake in writing a poem because I find it unamusing. Poems bore me because they’re not very detailed, I can’t spot the climax and the outline of the specific poem. Some poems have a certain number of syllables or lines which to me make it difficult to pay attention to detail. They seem sappy and emotional half the time which makes it difficult to enjoy it.

  • It’s hard

I’ve never experienced writers block more than when writing a poem. When writing, I don’t like to stick to a specific outline when writing which is why I don’t like writing poems. There are also many different types of poetry that have certain requirements. Sonnet poetry for example contains 14 lines with 10 syllables! I’m not capable of coming up with a poetry that contains 14 lines. The requirements for different types of poetry are very hard to stick to. I love having the freedom of writing!

  • It never interested me

Poetry never interested me… at all! When I was taught poetry in the first few weeks of my 8th grade class, I was dozing off. I didn’t understand the point of it. We read several poems which I never understood. They seemed dark and gloomy which wasn’t appealing. Others didn’t make sense! Some blackout poems had pretty covers but were never interesting to read. I can’t grasp the concept of poetry which makes my creative side feel restricted.

  • It’s difficult to interoperate

I’m not able to interoperate the information I read from a poem. Going back to the 8th grade, we had to write a response about the poems we read. I had gotten half way through the response when it was my last day at school. I can surely say, I had to reread the short poem several times to understand it. I had major writers block! I wasn’t able to understand what the author was trying to demonstrate through his writing, nor the point of it! It was definitely a challenge and it got me thinking.