Amazon List Ideas (TEENS EDITION)

By Micaela Preciado

Lately, I’ve been shopping a lot on Amazon lately. I want to influence others on what they can add to their Amazon shopping list too! Currently, Amazon has been taking the world by storm! They have been popular due to the pandemic. Amazon ships internationally to over 120 countries. The company was founded in 1994. It’s astonishing how it was created not too long ago and it’s so successful already! Amazon founder, Jeff Bezo created the company because he observed the sudden growth and e-commerce influence. Now let’s get to the list!

  • Kawaii Bear Cup

I have seen this cute cup on social media a lot. It’s a glass, bear shaped cup. It has a double glass wall that protects the cup from heating up. The double glass wall also blocks your hands from getting too cold or hot due to the beverage. This product is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars! The cup is manufactured by mucenggift. It was first available on October 17th, 2019. If you love kawaii items then this cup is perfect! It’s small enough to be used as decoration or for drinking out of.

  • Reversible Octopus Plush

This reversible plush has been a popular item on Tik Tok this year. This plush allows you to express your mood to the world! There are two faces, a happy face and an upset face. It’s said to be soft and perfect for cuddling or collecting. These plushes are manufactured by TeeTurtle. The plush is ranked #1 in stuffed animals and teddy bears. They were released on September 1st 2020. This plush is a funny collectable. If you love plushies then this is a great fit. They are also the perfect gift for best friends or couples!

  • Airpod cases

If you have Airpods, Amazon has adorable cases for them! Airpods were released on December 13th, 2016. They immediately became popular due to being wireless, hearable, and compact. Cases for the wireless earbuds began to develop. There are so many different kinds such as, cheetah print, popsicles, cow print, sour patch kids, Fiji water and many more! These cases can all be found on Amazon for less that $15. Airpod cases came out during 2016-2021. You can use your airpod cases to express your personality!

  • Anime Stickers/ Stickers

Stickers are a great way to show your creativity and passions. There many stickers that suite everyone’s liking. For instance, I love the anime “Haikyuu” and on my wish list I have, Haikyuu stickers. There’s always stickers to suite anyone’s likings. Stickers have many purposes some include, bullet journals, laptops, phone cases, etc. Stickers can be found on Amazon for less than $10! A pack of 100 stickers is incredibly cheep. There are new stickers added everyday. If you’re crafty and creative, stickers are a good creative add on!

  • Gold Necklaces

I love jewelry and gold is absolutely lovely! Gold necklaces on Amazon can be found in variety of designs. For instance, you’re able to make custom jewelry and you can find beautiful butterfly necklaces. There are so many options and all of them are stunning! Things like, moons, evil eyes and gold custom plated necklaces can be found on Amazon for less than $20. They usually have ratings of up to 4.7 stars!

  • Clothes

There are many different types of clothes that can be found on amazon. There’s ribbed tank tops, cheetah print long sleeves, ripped jeans, fuzzy jackets, and plain tops. Big name company’s like ROMWE, Shein, Hanes or Gildan also sell pieces for a lower price on Amazon vs. their websites. There are original sellers on Amazon located across the world. There is always new pieces of clothing added when I log into Amazon. I think this is a hack if you want to stay home because of the pandemic but, also want to go shopping.

  • Figures

If you are looking for figures to decorate your room then, Amazon’s got you! There are all kinds of figures on the site suitable for everyone. If you like gaming, there are Kirby figures, POP figures, Among Us figures, etc. There are also Anime figures! They range from $10-$20. These figures also have 3-5 star ratings! They are being manufactured by people everywhere. Some Amazon shops only have figures, others have only a couple. Most figures have been released during 2020. I have found a variety of figures listed on Amazon for a great price! They are perfect for people who like to collect them or are just looking for some decoration.

Amazon has a lot of items to offer. I have done some digging on the site to find wonderful treasures. Usually a portion of items that are listed on Amazon come from China. Items are being added everyday. Amazon stocks frequently and as constantly as possible. I hope this list was a good inspiration for teens who are looking to buy on Amazon.