Want to shift into your dream world?

By: Micaela Preciado

Have you ever wanted to visit My hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Hogwarts, etc.? It’s definitely possible! Lately on Tik Tok the topic of “shifting” has become popular. “What is ‘shifting’?” you may be thinking. Shifting is the practice of transforming realities through your conscious. So, your consciousness is switching from your current reality (CR) to your desired reality (DR) like Hogwarts, or your fantasy world that you’ve created. Shifting is easy and is made for everyone! There are no guide lines nor are there restrictions. You can get creative and change your appearance, clothing style, nationality, etc.

I’m interested! How do I shift?

There are many methods of shifting. Before shifting, you can script! Scripting isn’t required but it helps you feel confident in what you want. For instance, if you want to be shorter in the My Hero Academia world you can write down that you want to be shorter. POOF! Once you wake up in your DR you’ll be shorter! If you don’t think scripting is for you, that’s ok! Once you’ve thought about these scenarios or actions you’ve taken in your DR during day dreaming or random thinking, it’ll be remembered. It’s similar to saving a file on a computer. It’ll always be on the hard drive even if you’ve deleted it. Now! onto the top 2 methods ;).

  • The Raven Method

By using the Raven Method you want to lay down in a starfish position with your eyes closed. Your limbs shouldn’t touch. Be as still as possible while counting up to 100 or down from 100. You should also say affirmations every 5 counts like, “I am (your name in your DR)”, “I am going to (your DR)”, “I am shifting” ,etc. Saying affirmations will keep you focused on one thing. This will allow your body to sleep but keep your mind awake.

After you’ve gotten to 100 or 0 you should feel like your floating or on a cloud. Then, you want to imagine yourself doing something in your DR. After imaging this scenario, you should try to fall asleep. But, you cannot move! After falling asleep you’re allowed to move but you’ll appear in your DR!

  • The Pillow Method

This method is great for people who aren’t good at visualizing (like me). First, write out your appearance, what you want to do, who you want to see, a background story and so on. Before going to bed, look at something that reminds you of your DR. It could be a poster, pictures on the internet or an action figure. Then, go back to your script and reread it a couple times. Then, put it under your pillow and say some affirmations. Then, you should appear in your DR!

These two methods are very common amongst beginners. They are simple and easy to follow. If you’re having difficulty shifting, don’t give up! Keep trying and you’ll definitely get there!

That’s Shifting! The concept is fascinating and should receive more attention. I hope this article inspired you to want to shift into your DR!