Creepypasta (aka Scary Story) Contest

By: Alex Mintz 

            Spooky season is just around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the leaves on trees are starting to turn crimson as autumn starts to come. What a better way to get into the Halloween spirit is to curl up on the couch, drink apple cider, and write a Creepypasta story! Denobis is hosting their Creepypasta story contest once again. It is open for anyone who enjoys writing story. Want to know how to join this competition? Here’s how:

What exactly is a “Creepypasta”?

A Creepypasta, according to, is a genre of user-generated paranormal and scary stories distributed largely via internet forums. They are basically legends told among people of the internet of scary stories. Creepypastas are a sub-genre of copypasta which are stories that are repeatedly told by the internet. Some examples of creepypastas are Slenderman, Siren Head, and Rainbow Factory. 

What do you have to do: 

Create a scary short story that is at least 500 words. The maximum word count is 1200 words. The font must be Times New Roman, and the title of the document must have your name on it. The reason is that the Denobis staff can identify who the scary story belongs to. For example, you can title your story as “First Name Lastname_Title of Story.” Something like that will work. Once this is done, you will turn it in on the Denobis Moodle on the submission box. 

To select the winners, the staff of Denobis will be going through a set rubric following what aspects create a horror story. This would mean the fear, the plot, the imagery, etc. However, have fun with it and be creative! The Creepypasta story is due on October 21st at 11:59pm. We will not be accepting any other submissions after the due date. The winner will be announced once all the stories have been read. 

What happens if I get writer’s block? How would I write it? 

            No worries! Writing can be difficult if you are not sure what to write. Take the time to think about your story and research any information before you start writing. To create a story in general, you need the plot, characters, the point of view, and setting. There are many websites, books, or even teachers that could help you figure out your Creepypasta. 


The winner will win a $20 Dutch Bros Gift Card and your story will be posted on the Denobis website. If you do not want your name posted with your story, you can remain anonymous on the article.

Runner-ups will win a little surprise prize. We will only be selecting two runner-ups. 

 Denobis staff will be selecting the winners of the Creepypasta contest, and we will let you know before the article is posted.

In Conclusion

            Our contest is open for all students, and we welcome you to write a story that will be bone-chilling. Remember to review the rules before you submit it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Haley Lynch, Alex Mintz, or Ms. Kauffman. We hope you participate in Denobis’s Creepypasta contest! 

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