Senior Video: We need your help

By: Alex Mintz

            Graduation is just around the corner. Even though it may only be February, there are only three months left until the big day. Senior video, one of the many traditions of Tri-City Prep, is currently in the works.  In order to complete the senior video, we will need everyone’s help by sending photos and videos of the seniors. However, how do you send in these? What specifically do we need to send? Is there a due date? Let this article be your guide as it tells you what is needed to help contribute to the senior video.

What do we need to submit?

            We are looking for photos and videos of the seniors from all four years. Even though the photos and videos may be embarrassing (specifically freshman year *wink wink*), it will still be helpful to complete the video. This can be photos of meetups with friends, field trips, dances, projects for school, selfies, etc. There is no limit to how many photos or videos you can send. The more photos and videos we can get, the more it can help complete the video. However, please make sure that any submissions are school appropriate.

Where do you submit?

  1. First, you’ll want to go onto the Moodle homepage. Do not log in because the submission box will not be there. If you are led to the page where you can login, you just go to the bottom of the page and select “home.”
    1.  If you are on your phone, you will go to the tab that says, “Site Home” then you will select “Site announcements.”
  2. There is a post made by Mr. Halvorson titled “High School Yearbook Upload.” There is a link there that will bring you to the Sharepoint for Yearbook. In Mr. Halvorson’s post, it reads, “If you have photos you would like to be considered for the 2021-2022 yearbook, please upload them here: High School Yearbook Upload.” The High School Yearbook Upload is a hyperlink to the Sharepoint.
  3. There should be a file named “Senior Video.” There you can submit everything there. To upload, you just click upload.
    1.  If you are on your phone, you will click the “…” and then upload.

If you somehow cannot access this sharepoint, you can email it to Alex Mintz ( or Sedona Ortega (

When do we need to turn these in?

            Preferably, as soon as possible. It would help us tremendously to get all the photos ready for the video. However, the latest photos and videos can be submitted by is April 12, 2022. You can still submit photos to the file afterwards. The submission box will not close at all. There are still other events that will come, such as prom, senior trip, and senior sunset.

            In summary, make sure you turn in most of your submissions to the Microsoft Sharepoint by April 12, 2022. These photos and videos should be from all throughout the years of TCP, but still school appropriate. If you have any questions regarding the senior video, please contact Alex Mintz, Dakota Krock, Sedona Ortega, or Olivia Sleeth.