Envirothon Goes into Competition

By: Alex Mintz

The judges ask questions about each of the following topics and the team must be able to answer the question with the research they have done. After they have finished, they will be asked a question about a real-life scenario.  Mr. Beitz, a chaperone of Environthon in 2017, says, “They do research all these years and they have to know all these things.” He also mentioned that they would have to come up with a plan for 2 hours. Since Covid, however, they have given the students more time though they are not given any support of sponsors. The judges give the students more of a parameter to research.

Envirothon is a group of committed competitors that studies a variety of subject matters tied to nature, and the students study each category in-depth to prepare for the competition. They have won 2 state competitions, 5 nationals, and the Arizona trophy. Each competition, they go to different locations such as when Mr. Beitz chaperoned at Idaho State University. Mr. Beitz said that there were competitors from all over such as Japan and Canada.

            Envirothon teaches students about the how to keep our planet clean and healthy. Mr. Beitz says, “It helps keep people informed and how to live a better life and to be more conservative. They not only talk about how to be conservative, but they incorporate industry too.” He mentioned that they learn how to work with industries on ways they can help.